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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-26 09:59:00

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Since Antonio Cesaro loses every week on television, shouldn't he have lost his title by now? I was wondering if it's up to the company or the title holder when it comes to putting the title on the line in a match?

If you were serious on the second question (hard to tell with the written word), WWE controls that.  As for him losing the Title, the company has pointed out how little it matters when the champion loses all of the time and the guys that beat him don't even want it.  It makes the belt worthless.

I know you're down on the possibility of Hogan stepping into the ring to get revenge on Bully Ray but I think I can see a way that TNA could make that angle work to its advantage without putting Hogan on top for an embarrassing run with the title. First, keep Hogan out of the ring while he throws every top name in TNA at Bully in an unsuccessful attempt to get the strap off him. That should give Bully a good long run with the belt. Next, when Hogan has no one left to turn to, have him approach Matt Morgan as his last resort only for Morgan to turn him down flat, leaving Hogan with no option but to put on the old red and yellow and step back in the ring with Bully Ray. At the big Hogan/Bully showdown, Bully gets to beat the snot out of Hogan until Morgan interferes and lays Bully out with the Carbon Footprint, giving Hogan the win and the title, setting up Morgan as the number one contender and a one time title defense by Hogan to put Morgan over. Done right, Bully gets a solid run at the top, Hogan gets his last title run and TNA gets a new monster heel at the top of the company. As I see it, a Hogan revenge win over Bully Ray will only make sense if it leads to Hogan elevating someone else into a main event position and as Morgan already has storyline heat with Hogan since his return, it would make sense for him to be the guy that Hogan puts over. What do you think? Could you swallow one last run for Hogan if it's a short run to create a new top heel?

I don't love Hogan getting in the ring and beating any top guy at this point in his life, but if they had to do it at least your way is palatable.

After watching Raw and seeing the build for The Undertaker VS CM Punk Match at Mania, what would've been the storyline for it, if Paul Bearer hadn't died in real life? It sucks that it took a real life tragedy for this storyline to take place. Do you know what creative had planned for this storyline before the untimely passing of Mr. Moody? And is Undertaker, knowing how close he was to him OK with using this as a storyline to get the angle over? Thanks.

Yes, they planned on Punk basically saying he was better than everyone else and no one was worth of him at Mania.  I am sure Taker is fine with it.  He wouldn't do it if he was not.

So Big E Langston is wrestling his debut match at Wrestlemania and Antonio Cesaro isn't booked. My question to you is: is there justice in this world?

Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn't.  The world is certainly not fair.

So we have all seen the “It’s still real to me” YOUTUBE video. We know there are fans out there who take the business way too seriously, and may even ACTUALLY believe that it is all a shoot. That being said, how do you tell what kind of fan you are getting with some of these questions you publish? The Molly Holly ones are the obvious. Either this is a guy with far too much time on his hand, or a guy who is planning on kidnapping women and keeping them in a pit, eventually using their skin to make himself a Molly Holly (Nora Greenwald, sorry had to do it) suit. I remember a while back someone asking if Boris Zuhkov would be getting another run at any point. And this was in like 2010. As a side note, if there is a chance this guy is actually developing a dangerous obsession with Molly/Nora I do hope you take the necessary precautions. Stalking is no laughing matter.

I never tell what kind of person I am dealing with.  I go through the questions and if they strike me, I run with them.  Sometimes they make great points.  Sometimes they are written by people that make me laugh.   

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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