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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-25 09:59:00

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Personally I haven't felt any less enthusiastic about a WrestleMania for as long as I can remember. Usually I'm getting more and more excited the closer the date comes but this time, to me there's no buzz, no special certain feeling surrounding the road to it. WWE has Rock, Lesnar, HHH and the Undertaker on the show and it's pretty much in their own backyard, yet the feeling is more that of a typical b-ppv. Is that just me or can you relate?

I can totally relate.  And for $59.99/$69.99 for HD, I think  WWE may be in for a shock unless they turn things around in a big way starting tonight.  I think the show will probably be solid, but the build has been weak.  Very weak.

Shelton Benjamin to me was the best wrestler they had when it comes to ring skills. I'll admit his promos were very bland but he has a big following. I feel WWE buried him with the stupid gimmicks like, they mama Shelton story line, pairing him with Chavo and the ghastly gold standard gimmick. So my question is why did WWE release him and why did they sink his career so low?

They released him because they didn't think he had the charisma needed to be a top guy.  As you mentioned, his promos weren't great.  He was excellent in the ring but sadly they often value entertainment value over in-ring skill.

Why does WWE often bash their own product? Whenever a segment begins to crash and burn, it's obvious Vince is on the headset, telling his announcers to run down whatever is going on. Vince is the one who signs off on each segment in the first place, so I don't get it. Not every segment is a winner, no shame in that, but I'd think WWE would at least pretend to sell it as good, rather than 'this sucks, we know it, and we're going to tell you so'.

That is a good question, it really is.  The best answer I can give you is that when a company has no competition, they can often get a feeling of being able to do whatever they want.  Sometimes, they lose focus on the big picture.

I’m really stumped. Watching Raw… the opening segment with the Cena promo, and then that goofy segment with the Prime Time Players. Was that actually supposed to sell Wrestlemania to me? Was that meant to convince me that I should be spending $80 to order a PPV when that is the kind of entertainment they are providing me? Do you think this is shaping up to be the worst-promoted Wrestlemania ever? And what are your hopes for the show delivering?

Well, it's not eighty bucks but I get your point.  As I mentioned above, I think that a lot of the matches will be good to great, but the build has been putrid.  I can see people skipping it this year because they have done nothing to make it seem special.

What's going on with Kofi Kingston? He seems to have been demoted, for lack of a better term, to jobber status. I think he's a great talent and really enjoy his work. Did he do something wrong or perhaps anger the wrong person?

He fell out of favor.  I have not heard of him doing anything wrong.  He has just fallen out of favor as Mania approaches.  He isn't the only one.  A lot of talents have been used very poorly lately and Vince focuses on the top guys.

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