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By Jose Perez on 2013-03-24 08:46:16
World Wrestling League (WWL)

Earlier this week, our friend Pedro Figueroa from was able to interview WWL’s President/Owner Richard Negrin and producer Hugo Savinovich. During the interview they discussed their preparations for the World Wrestling League debut event “Idols of Wrestling” scheduled to take place April 21st at Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

They also spoke about how the company has evolved from earlier in January when they hosted a press conference where they presented their new venture and the plans of things to come, to now where the expectations are high, they have announced a long list of performers and they have people in and out of Puerto Rico talking about them, waiting to see what they are able to bring to the table.

Negrin and Savinovich also discussed the different alliances and partnerships they have been able to sign with companies in different countries such as AAA (Mexico), DWE (Dominican Republic), WAR (Ecuador); as well as US based promotions such as TNA Impact, GALLI (Chicago) and Fighting Spirit Wrestling (New York), amongst others that will be announced in the very near future.

During the interview it was once again mentioned that fans, and other local companies, should not expect WWL to run weekend or monthly shows in the island. They will have shows locally, but they will also run shows internationally. They are waiting to begin the TV show in Ecuador in order to announce the first event there and they will be running a show with FSW in NYC on May 25th. Lastly, they talked about the loaded card that they plan to have on their debut show.

It is a very interesting interview with a lot of information regarding this new company and their plans. You can watch the full interview here: (NOTE: It is in Spanish.)

Apparently the original card that had been published for their debut event has gone through some changes. Here is how the card looks now, as announced during the latest WWL’s TV show:

*Ricky “El Mesias” Banderas vs “Texano Jr” (c) – AAA Mega Championship match

*Blue Demon Jr. vs Oliver John (c) – California’s New Revolution World title match

*20 Man Battle Royal to crown the first WWL World Champion featuring Michael Tarver, Prince Al Farat and more names to be announced.

*Ivelisse Velez vs Alyssa Flash – New Revolution Women’s World title match

*Samoa Joe vs “The Monster” Abyss

*“Cowboy” James Storm & Bobby Roode vs Christopher Daniels & a Mystery Partner

*Mini’s in action: Mini Chupa-Cabra vs Mini Pierroth

*Monster Pain w/ Mistress Glenda Lee vs Giant Demento

*“Los Mamitos” Sexy B. & Mr. E. vs “Los Mega-10” Panama-Jack Daniels & Mega-Star

*“Mr. Wrestling Classic” Steve Corino vs Colt Cabana

*Rico Cassanova (c) vs “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas – DWE World title match

*Three Way Dance: “Hijo de Rey Mysterio” vs Octagon Jr vs Axel “El Nieto del Santo”

*Cruzz (c) vs Nick Romano – Mid-West US title match

*Hercules Gomez (c) vs “Face of Fear” Ash – Pennsylvania WXW title match

*“S.A.T’s” Joel Savinovich & Jose Cabrera vs Erick Scorpion & Masato

On the international front, on the heels of announcing their new partnership with WWL, Dominican Wrestling Entertainment (DWE) has also announced that they have reached a deal with Dominican TV channel 25 (Telemedios Domincana) to present their show “Zona de Impacto” beginning with the streaming of a live show on Wednesday May 1st, and then every Saturday starting on May 11th at 1:00PM.

Also, Wrestling Alliance Revolution (WAR) in Ecuador has announced they have reached a TV deal with “Canela TV”, starting Saturday April 6th on primetime at 8PM. They have made mention that there are more plans such as live TV shows and WWL shows that will be announced in the future. It sure seems the alliance has already started to pay off for some of WWL’s international partners.

World Wrestling Council (WWC)

During today’s TV show, WWC announced what will be the card for their next big event “Camino a la Gloria” (Path to Glory), which will take place next Saturday March 30th in Bayamon, PR. Here it is:

*With WWC’s Universal title belt hanging from a 15’ high pole: “Mr. Ray-tings” Ray Gonzalez vs Super Fenix (c)

*Grudge Match: Savio Vega vs “The Puerto Rican Dream” Invader #1

*WWC World Tag Team Title Match – “Tables & Chairs Match”: Thunder & Lightning vs Sons of Samoa (c) w/ Barrabas Sr.

*Special Challenge Match: Eddie “Primo” Colon vs “Mystery opponent chosen by Invader #1”

*WWC Tag Team Title - 1st Contenders Match: “El Ilegal-Chicano” & Abbad vs “Bad Man” Andy Levine & Samson Walker w/ Orlnado Toledo

WWC Junior Heavyweight Title Rematch: Zion-RT (c) vs “El Diabolico”

It was mentioned on today’s show that more information about this event will be shared on next Saturday’s TV show. You can watch today’s complete show by visiting WWC’s page at: this link. The show is broken down in 5 parts.

One thing that I've noticed is that even though they will be running in Bayamon for this next event, it will be at a smaller venue (“Pepin” Cestero Arena) than their last few big shows, which had been at the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum. WWC has been having a string of better than average crowds for the past few months and next weekend’s show should bring in another good attendance.

One might think that they are throwing everything they can out there to maintain the attention of the fans as WWL’s debut event looms in. If in fact that was the case, it would definitely be a shame and in the long run, it could negatively impact the long term health of the storylines. It sure feels as if they had “hot-shot” the story of Invader #1 betraying Savio Vega, thus turning Vega to be a babyface. Don’t get me wrong, I think that they would have gone that route in order to set up the “Aniversario 40” match between Savio Vega and Carlito, which is the obvious money maker that is on the table. However, pulling the trigger on the story now, with no reason whatsoever behind the turn seems rushed.

Another match that seems to be almost inevitable is Carlos Colon Sr. vs Invader #1. So far, they have been showing Colon Sr. going to the gym and training in the last couple of episodes. If I was to bet on when it will happen, I’d say it will be rushed in for the following event, which will take place in April. I would not necessarily want to see this match, but understanding the storyline and how many old school fans would love to see it, I would save it again for “Aniversario 40”. Just saying… We will have to wait and see where they take it after next weekend.

In other news, it seems that the issues did not stop for PRWA’s owner “Metal Blade”. He had announced “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce for a show he is promoting next Saturday in Gurabo, PR. However, it appears that Pearce had the same kind of issues Sean Waltman and others had with this promoter last weekend. He has already stated that he will not be taking part of this event. How is it that the saying goes? “When it rains, it pours…” It sure does not seem to be getting any better for PRWA anytime soon…

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