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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-22 13:30:37

Brian Webster sent this item. ... I watched The Rock on The Tonight Show last night. I was expecting him to have the WWE Title and talk about being WWE champ for the first time in a decade and the whole 9. Boy was I wrong! Not only was there none of that but he was the first guest and had two segments and there was not even on mention of WWE or WrestleMania by him or Leno. Vince must be thrilled! You'd think being WWE champ and missing the last two weeks of Raw building up to Mania the least he could do is use his star power to promote the PPV. Especially on an NBC show, so much for corporate synergy I guess.

Brian is so right there.

Also, my buddy John sent word that Leno mentioned Chris Masters saving his mom from her burning house and made a steroid joke concerning him ripping the tree out of the ground.  Oy.

You can watch a clip of Rock's appearance below.  The whole show is available at if you can stand that much Leno.  Me, I will wait until Jimmy Fallon takes over.

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