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By Andres Santiago on 2013-03-22 04:16:09

WWE NXT Taping - Full Sail, Orlando Florida – March 21, 2013

Dark Match
 - Briley Pierce vs Rami Sebei  
Sebei won with a running boot Pierce in the corner.

TV Taping
Tony Dawson, Kassius Ohno and Brad Maddox were the announce team when the tapings began.

 - Bo Dallas & Adrian Neville vs The Wyatt Family w/ Bray Wyatt  
Dallas & Neville won with a Belly to Belly Slam by Dallas on Harper.
Wyatt cut one of his rambling promos as they came to the ring.

William Regal attacked Kassius Ohno at the announce booth.

 - Summer Rae & Audrey Marie vs Sasha Banks & Paige  
Banks & Paige won with a Paige Turner on Marie. Rae ran to the back to avoid wrestling Paige and that led to the finish.

NXT Championship Match
 - Big E Langston vs Conor O'Brian  
Langston won with The Big Ending.  
Typical post match antics by Langston.  

They showed a Harlem Shake spoof with multiple Emmas. All of them were wearing bad cosplay outfits.  

 - Percy Watson, Axl Keegan & Scott Dawson vs The Shield  
The Shield won with a Skywalker by Rollins on Keegan.  
After the match, The Shield beatdown Dawson and cut a promo about how they are the most destructive force in WWE history. Graves appeared on screen and challenged them to a match next week, due to them costing him the title two times. Rollins accepted and told the others to take the night off next week.

 - Naomi & Cameron vs The Bella Twins  
The Bella Twins won with a double team on Cameron. The move had each Bella holding one of Cameron's legs and rolling forward like a jacknife pin, which caused Cameron to slam down as if she was powerbombed.

 - Kassius Ohno vs William Regal  
Regal won with a Knee Trembler.

The next portion of the taping was called "NXT Clash of the Champions" due to all of the matches being title bouts.  

United States Championship match
 - Antonio Cesaro vs Adrian Neville  
Cesaro won with a Neutralizer.
Neville was going for the Corkscrew SSP but got crotched, uppercutted and hit with the Neutralizer.

WWE Divas Championship
 - Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee  
Kaitlyn won with a spear. AJ looked like she was drilled pretty hard with it.  

NXT Championship match
 - Big E Langston vs Brad Maddox  
Langston won with The Big Ending.  
Typical post match antics by Langston again.  

WWE Intercontinental Championship match
 - Wade Barrett vs Bo Dallas  
Barrett won when he caught Dallas with the Bull Hammer in mid-air; Dallas was attempting a diving move from the top rope.

 - Justin Gabriel vs Leo Kruger  
Kruger won with Nigel McGuiness's old London Dungeon submission.  

 - Bailey vs Emma  
Emma won with a slightshot floated over into a Muta Lock.  While bridging back on the Muta Lock she did her dance.

 - Bray Wyatt w/ The Wyatt Family vs Yoshi Tatsu  
Wyatt won with a Swinging Flatliner.  
After the match, Wyatt beat down Tatsu and then cut a promo about how the Wyatt Family rule NXT and how no one in the back is better than him.  

Lumberjack Match
 - Corey Graves vs Seth Rollins  
Rollins won with the Skywalker.
At the end of the match, The Shield ran out from the crowd and destroyed all of the lumberjacks. Rollins was able to hit his finisher after Ambrose clotheslined Graves behind the ref's back.  

Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Tag Match
 - Primo & Epico vs The Wyatt Family vs Bo Dallas & Adrian Neville  
Neville eliminated Primo & Epico with a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press on Primo.
Harper eliminated Dallas & Neville immediately after when he nailed Neville with a Tornado Clothesline.

 - Paige vs Summer Rae  
Rae attacked Paige on the way to the ring.
Paige won with the Paige Turner.

 - Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt
Jericho won with the Walls of Jericho.

- John Cena will be wrestling on May 2 at the next taping.  
- I have no idea how many episodes were taped tonight. There are 6 weeks before the next taping and it felt like there were 4 or 5 shows worth of matches filmed. I believe the first episode ended with the Langston-O'Brian match and the second with the Ohno-Regal match. The "NXT Clash of the Champions" is likely going to be a special episode too. After that, I have no idea if we had 1 or 2 more episodes worth of matches taped.  
- Ohno and Regal had a fantastic match that is well worth going out of your way to see. Neville and Cesaro's match was great as well.
- After Regal's match with Ohno he joined the commentary team.  
- Bailey has Kristal Marshal's old theme song.
- Rami Sebei  is El Generico unmasked.


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