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By Jose Perez on 2013-03-21 17:53:37
World Wrestling League (WWL)

As Mike Johnson reported on the site yesterday, World Wrestling League (WWL) has published the official card for their debut event “Idols of Wrestling”, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday April 21st at the “Coliseo de Puerto Rico”.  They have developed an extensive card with a lot of names that have drawn the attention of fans in the island.  And now, with the addition of the TNA names like James Storm, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe and Abyss, this new promotion seems to be on the verge of something special.

Although the show is planned out to be an iPPV, it will also serve as their first TV taping of matches.  Up to this point, they have used their TV shows to promote their event as well as to try and introduce the concept they are bringing and the wrestlers that will be in action at the show.  With their first show we will be able to see more matches and the beginning of actual full blown angles that will run, not only in Puerto Rico, but will be the base for the subsequent tour in Latin America as well in the United States.

On his way to his AAA Mega Championship match  in April, challenger Ricky “El Mesias” Banderas was the winner of AAA’s annual tournament “Rey de Reyes” (King of Kings) this past weekend.  Banderas also took part of the TNA One Night Only PPV taping of “World Cup”.  He was part of the “Team International” under his TNA character of “Judas Mesias”.  Another WWL performer that took part of this set of tapings was Ivelisse Velez, as appeared on the TNA KnockOuts PPV, as well as the “World Cup” one.  During this last one, Velez was introduced a Team Aces ‘n Eights surprise female member.  According to reports, Velez defeated Mickey James in this PPV match.

You can watch this past Saturday’s WWL TV show (episode #6) here:

World Wrestling Council (WWC)

WWC drew a good crowd for last Saturday’s event “La Hora de la Verdad” (Moment of Truth).  It was estimated to be approximately 2,000.  The show seemed to delight a portion of the fans, and confuse others, but overall seem to be an interesting night.  Here are the results from the event:

    Zcion became the new WWC Junior Heavyweight champion after defeating “Diabolico”.

    Referee Pelayo Vazquez and Barrabas Jr. went to a “No Contest” after Barrabas Jr. attacked Vazquez with a foreign object and knocked him out.

    “El Leon” Apollo defeated “Bad Man” Andy Levine w/ Orlando Toledo

    “Sons of Samoa” defeated Abbad & Sebastian Guerra.  After the match they kept attacking both Abbad and Guerra until Thunder and Lightning made the save and the Samoans ran for cover.

    In the “Mask vs Hair” match, “Super Fenix” retained his mask by defeating Chris Angel.

    In a boxing match, “El Ilegal-Chicano” reclaimed the Puerto Rico Heavyweight belt when he defeated via KO Samson Walker.  After the match, Walker’s manager Orlando Toledo, was also KO’d by Chicano.

    The match between Rey Gonzalez and the self-proclaimed “Puertorican Dream” Invader #1 went to a “No-Contest”.  Towards the end of the match, Gonalez had Invader locked in her figure four,when out come Carlito and Savio Vega to attack Gonzalez.  This brought out Thunder & Lightning again, only to be ambushed by “Sons of Samoa”, who didn’t waste to bust them open and leave them a bloody mess.  Vega and Carlito took advantage of this and started the final match of the night.

    Thunder & Lightning defeated Savio Vega and Carlito Caribbean Cool after Invader #1 interfered in the match, knocking out Vega with his “heart punch” and this way leaving everyone wondering where is this story going.

During their Sunday TV show, they touched lightly on what happened on Saturday night, without going into any specific details.  However, they did announce the first match for their next big event, “Camino a la Gloria” (Path to Glory), which is scheduled to take place on Saturday March 29th in Bayamon, PR.  Thunder & Lightning will be challenging “Sons of Samoa” for the WWC Tag Team titles in a “Tables & Chairs” match.

Eddie Colon (WWE’s Primo) will be present during this event, although it is not clear yet in what capacity.  On Sunday’s TV show, they played a clip of him receiving a phone call from somebody in the island, telling him about what Invader #1 and his brother Carlito have done to his father in the last few weeks.  He acted surprised by everything and said that he will be taking a flight to Puerto Rico as soon as possible to come deal with the situation. 

NOTE: Really? Almost a month after his father was attacked and now is that he finds out?  No cable TV or internet connection where he lives?  Nobody told him until now?  Things like this are how you make fans lose interest in a story or angle and this tends to happen in WWC’s stories too often.  Just saying...


Just a few notes coming out of PRWA’s “One Night Superstars” event that took place last Saturday in Salinas, PR.

    They had 2 dark matches before the official start of the show.

    “El Sensacional” Carlitos defeated Homicide.

    Chicky Starr and Huracan Castillo fought to a No-Contest after a lot of interference during the match.  After the match, they both sided with Mr. Connection who is battling “Metal Blade” in a company power struggle.

    There were a couple of performers that had more than one appearance in the show, those being Pupe Jackson and “Damian 666”.

    At one point, Mexican Mini “Pequeño Helloween”, took to the mic and trashed X-Pac and Billy Gunn for not making it to the show.

    “Hurricane” Helms & “Intelecto 5 Estrellas” defeated Gangrel and Escobar.  

As reported here on the site last Friday night, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, Billy Gunn, Akbar Farat and Michael Tarver did not show up for the event due to the lack of communication between the promotion and them. 

Waltman has been more vocal about his situation over the course of last weekend.  In an interview conducted by reporter Juan Rosario from, Waltman slammed promoter Victor “Metal Blade” Siebens, saying that he had never had a conversation with him.  He alleged that he learned about the booking back in December 2012, but at that point he was being booked for WWL’s debut show.  Waltman stated that all this time he was under the impression that he “was going to be working for Hugo Savinovich, who I’ve known for over 20 years.  I didn’t know that WWL’s show had been pushed to April and that Hugo was not involved in this show.  They used his name all the time.”  He claimed that he never saw the tickets until Friday night when he called the airline and they told him there had been a ticket canceled under his name that had been scheduled to depart from Ft Lauderdale, FL.  The big problem?... he lives in Tampa, which is a good 5 ½ hours away from said airport.  A similar situation happened with Billy Gunn’s ticket who lives in the Orlando area, but was also scheduled to fly out of Ft. Lauderdale, which is about 3 ½ hours away.

Overall, the show was described as a disaster.  The attendance for the show was well below expectations, with reports stating anywhere between 70 and 150 people in the crowd.  The show ran very long, starting with the pre-show at 4PM and going all the way until passed 1AM.  The biggest complaint from the people I have talked too, lack of organization.  There were members of the live bands that played during the course of the show who told the people in attendance that they were very upset because they had not gotten paid.  When the show concluded and the bands went to find “Metal”, he was nowhere to be found. 

Other situations regarding money problems have been rumored but not confirmed as well..

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