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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-21 17:12:43
TNA released the first part of Bully Ray's plot from tonight's Impact:

TNA Reaction has posted a three part interview with Kurt Angle that you can watch by clicking here.

TNA has released the Turning Point and Final Resolution shows from last year on DVD.  You can buy them by clicking here.

Brandon Baxter sent word that he has interviewed Austin Aries & Mickie James in advance of the 3/28 Impact taping Jonesboro, AR. 

You can listen to Mickie at this link:

And Aries at this link:

TNA is returning to Upstate New York & Vermont in April of 2013. Here are the dates & locations:

* April 19th - Massena Ice Arena in Massena, New Yorkbr />
* April 20th - Rouses Point Civic Center in Rouses Point, New York

* April 21st - BOR Ice Arena in Barre, Vermont

Tickets can be purchased online at beginning March 22nd.

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