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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-19 10:34:28
TNA will be releasing an exclusive Dixie Carter action figure via their website.

Dixie Carter and Bully Ray both issued apologies via Twitter yesterday as apparently Ray was a little too "Bubba Ray Dudley" with fans off the air at the Impact taping in Chicago. Cell phone footage of him really demoralizing one fan in a lewd, disgusting way popped up online shortly after, which is why the apology was issued. Ignoring the fact that the language never should have been used, it does bring to light that heel heat in 2013 is a hard line to define. On one hand, TNA really needs a truly hated heel to try and draw them money. But in the heat of the moment, a performer out to get that heat never knows when he's gone too far until after he's over the line and the fallout hits. In such a politically charged world, it turns into a scandal within seconds when it was never meant to be anything but a piece of sh** character acting like he should, like a piece of sh**. But, that's the balance pro wrestling has to deal with in 2013, where wrestling fans complain there are no real villains anymore and when someone acts like a villain with no redeeming qualities, it's called into question. I understand why but I also understand what Ray was trying to do, which was generate legitimate heat in a way that no one does in 2013.

There's been an ongoing war of words between Brooke Tessmacher and the former Angelina Love via Twitter. Tessmacher made it pretty clear that the situation was personal, writing, "It’s not about tattoos.. I don’t mind them. Just don’t care 4 @ActualALove I’m a very positive person & she’s been nothing but negative 2me"

TNA have house shows this weekend on 3/22 in Concord, NC and Saturday 3/23 in Roanoke Rapids, NC with TNA champion Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, James Storm, Kurt Angle, Velvet Sky and more scheduled. If anyone attends the taping, we are seeking live reports.

Turning Point and Final Resolution 2012 were officially released on DVD today.

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