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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-20 09:59:00

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Any chance TNA suits up a new Abyss ala fake Diesel and fake Razor?

I could definitely see scenarios where that happens, sure.

Did I miss something? What was with that Miz/Jericho/Maddox bit the other night? I didn't notice anything going wrong, but Cole and Lawler kept making third grade comments, and drawing attention to horrible it was coming across on TV. I feel like if they didn't act that way, I wouldn't have noticed anything going wrong...Brad Maddox sounded as he was stumbling a little over whatever happened, but again, not anything horribly out of the ordinary...

The segment was pretty bland but when Maddox came out and butchered his part, it was pretty bad.  And Cole and Lawler mocking, at Vince's urging, didn't help it at all. 

Has there ever been any discussion backstage for a possible Wrestlemania match between Kaitlyn and AJ, for the Divas title? If not, how has no one brought up such an idea, given their history and Wrestlemania taking place in AJ's home state? From Smackdown tapings, it appears they are moving for a Kaitlyn vs Layla match, which seems like a missed opportunity all around.

As I write this on Sunday I haven't heard of any.  But keep in mind the Divas haven't matter in WWE for a while now in creative's view.  Hopefully, that change.  Give WWE's liberal borrowing of TNA concepts of late, they should watch how TNA books their women and learn something.

So, I'm a long time John Cena fan and was excited for Once In A Lifetime match last year...but this year "YET" I'm not excited for this match...and Swagger vs. Del Rio is looking better in match card this year..Don't you think WWE needs more hype for Cena/Rock match...???

We will probably get it in the weeks up to Mania.  WWE thinks rolling those two out there is hype enough.  And it's kind of hard to market it as a huge even when last year it was a once in a lifetime.  Twice in a lifetime doesn't resonate as well.

Reading on a recent Q and A for William Moody being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and I agree with your suggestion that he be inducted with the Undertaker. My question is do you think there could be an Undertaker-themed Hall of Fame that year if it happens? In addition to Moody and Taker, they could induct Michelle McCool (who I believe is finished with wrestling), Kane (even though he still has a few years in him), and maybe even Brother Love inducted.

They could, sure.  I wouldn't call McCool an all timer, but she is better than some people that are already in.  That would be a cool idea, though as long as Brother Love is working for TNA we could probably not expect to see him.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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