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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-19 09:59:00

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I just read that Vince McMahon wanted to fight Dana White in a real fight, which I totally think would have been fun for all the fans to see. I know Vince is a really big and tough guy, but Dana's BBJ and boxing background as well as his youth has me picking him to win that fight. But, as the Rock says, it doesn't matter what I think. The idea of the two of them fighting just had me wondering what Vince's athletic background is like? Did he play football in high school? Did anyone teach him any catch wrestling with all of his years in the business?

Vince is a weightlifter/workout guy.  Plus, he has worked matches.  That's it.  Yeah, White would mop the floor with him in a shoot in my opinion.  Vince is too old.

How does this sound, WWE unify the two World Titles and the US & IC Titles, then use The Main Event and Superstars to showcase the Mid-Card and Tag Team Titles/Performers, Smackdown and Raw for the World Title, and a Diva Show on their Network, to go along with the Cruiserweight show?

That would be fine by me because the minor titles don't mean a thing now.  When upper card guys beat the IC and US champs and don't even pretend to want the belts, that says how little they mean.

Is it true that Rey Mysterio is selling ladders so he can make eye contact with his fans?

Good one!

Do you think CM Punk has "urn'ed" the right to beat Undertaker's Mania streak?

OK, you pushed it a little too far there.

I'm watching TNA and I am convinced they are going to try to retread at least one of two famous angles.

1. The Sting/nWo angle, with AJ Styles playing "Sting", Bully Ray playing "Hollywood Hogan", and "Aces and Eights" playing the nWo, building slowly to a Bully/AJ title match.

2. The Stephanie/HHH angle, with Brooke playing "Stephanie McMahon," Bully Ray playing "Triple H", and Hulk Hogan playing "Vince McMahon", building to a match to see if Bully will give Brooke a divorce, but it turns out she was in on it the whole time.

Do you agree? TNA seems to love tried and true angles and old references (the entire "Aces and Eights" storyline is an nWo takeoff, and, of course, the very name "Aces and Eights" was an Undertaker tease from the beginning) and I can definitely see things playing out this way.

I could see them doing those things.  If they do, I hope it's not blatantly ripping off the originals and they add some twists.  I would really like to see Brooke turn on Hulk.  That could make all of Hulk's TV worth watching.  As long as it's not Hulk going after Bully, I will be OK with it.

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