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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-18 09:59:00

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Why should any body donate money to help Scott Hall?  I mean I understand wrestlers back then didn't make any money and most indy performers now don't have health insurance due to job and lack of money but Scott Hall was one of the first millionaires performer in the business, no way you can convince me he drank and drugged all that money.

He says he is broke and I believe him.  He got a divorce, had kids, etc.  And let's face it, when some people are wasted they don't make great decisions, money included.  I am not one to say you should donate money.  I understand why some people have, and I respect that.  I understand why people feel the way that you do as well.  I know that Sean Waltman has been saying on his Twitter account that a lot of people don't understand addiction or mental issues and there is truth in that.  With that said, I have always felt that if you have gout, you take meds to keep it at bay.  If you have mental issues, you should at least try to do the same.  Having a condition, or an addiction, and ignoring it is, at least in most cases, a conscious decision.  It comes back to the person making it in my opinion.  So if you are asking me if Scott Hall, given his self-destructive behavior, deserves your money?  No, he doesn't.  But if you choose to believe in him changing and you want to give it to DDP to help Hall with, I respect that as well.

How did you feel about the first TNA taping on road, including the setup of stage and production?

I liked it.  It gave the company a bigger time feel.  I know some people want an elaborate stage and all but I am fine with them going as is for now.  No need to incur the expense for something that is really just ancillary.

Do you see a match with Mark Henry for the World Title?

If I am booking, oh yeah.  With WWE booking, I will say probably.  They have something in Henry and they should take advantage of it.

Do you see WWE reducing their PPVs next year and focus on big 5 ?

I guess you are counting The Elimination Chamber and SummerSlam in there.  Nope, I don't see it.  If the WWE network takes off, the 11 non-WrestleMania PPVs will be a major part of it.  If not, they are still profitable and WWE wouldn't get rid of them.

In regards to the video posted about Bully Ray antagonizing a fan so much to where he was escorted out by Atlas Security, why is that an indication of Ray's effectiveness as a heel? Seems to me it just shows how dumb the fan was to let himself get so worked up. I also don't understand why you think it's so great that he's gotten people so angry that they throw stuff in the ring when promotions have told fans NOT to do that at shows for years. What if one of them decides to throw more than just a water bottle and it causes injury? I don't see where getting people to break rules and put others at risk makes anyone a good heel.

Well, you kind of contradicted yourself.  Had you said the fan was dumb for throwing something, alone, you could make that point.  But if the heel can work him up to the point where he reacts in that manner, it's the textbook definition of being an effective heel because he made the guy do what he did.  I guarantee you that no wrestler could get me that worked up!  I am with you on throwing stuff in the ring.  I am 100% against that for the reason you mentioned.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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