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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-17 09:59:00

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I saw this one another site. "Friday's WWE Smackdown drew a 2.09 rating, up from the 1.96 rating from last week. Smackdown averaged 2.838 million viewers, up from the 2.818 million viewers from the previous week."  Now if you read the first part, it looks like there was a big jump but when you look at the audience, you see it was very small.  I think that rating is a pretty misleading number and the audience is what is important.  How do you feel about that? I notice you don't worry about rating numbers any more.

Honestly, I agree with you.  To me, the rating number is antiquated.  The number that matters is how many people watch, which is why I only concern myself with the audience.

Which was better Paul Bearer's OHH YESSS or Randy Savage's OH YEAH?

That is a purely subjective question.  I think they were both awesome.

Hulk Hogan says late last year he wants a world title run. He then gets a long standing knee problem addressed. Back on TV he gets screwed by the new heel world champ. Are TNA working towards Hogan vs. Ray for the strap?

That is something I shudder when I think about.  God, I hope not.  Having grandpa, er Dad, beat Bully would be a travesty.  If they do the match, Bully would have to kill Hogan.  If he doesn't TNA is doomed.

The Main Event show on ION I thought was a really cool concept and something different. But the last couple of months its become basically velocity or a one hour version of Smackdown. Why does WWE always do this with things after a while? It's like they fall right back into bad habits or status quo.

It is the same thing that happens with every new show WWE does.  They load it up at first thinking it will draw a huge audience and when it doesn't, they deemphasize it.  The simple reason is that a good portion of their fans will only watch Raw, and that will never change.  I don't blame them for taking the cash and trying new shows, but the past has shown it will all end the same way down the line.

So far do you feel this is one of the worst promoted Wrestlemanias? I mean we are less than 3 weeks away from the go home show and only 3-4 matches have been officially announced. And I've been reading how creative is still undecided on the  undercard. Furthermore the champion defending the title in the main event will only be on the show twice in the month of March. Thoughts overall?

 I have heard the undercard thing before and it kind of blows my mind.  It's a four hour show and here is what we have so far:

Rock vs. John Cena
CM Punk vs. The Undertaker
Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger
HHH vs. Brock Lesnar
The Shield vs. Ryback, Sheamus and Randy Orton.

That is five pretty big matches to me.  The undercard really won't matter all that much.  So no, at this point in the game I think that they have done at least a decent job of building to the show. 

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