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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-15 10:00:00
So this time last year I remember the WWE pushing guys like Zack Ryder, David Otunga, Santino Marella & Drew MacIntyre for the big multi person match at Mania. For the Money in the Bank PPV later in the year they put a special effort into pushing Tyson Kidd, Tensai & Christian. As soon as the PPVs are over, the pushes of these superstars often disappears, only to start up again when the WWE has a match they can't just fill with Punk, Sheamus, Cena & Big Show. My question is why doesn't the WWE just keep these guys in a decent position on TV? They have 3 hours of Raw a week, and their 2 hours of SmackDown is full of Raw recaps. Why can't they see that they might need 'filler' guys who the crowd enjoys seeing more often than once a year in a decent match?

I agree with you. The reality is that most of the guys who referred to as "filler" types do get to work in good matches but they are on secondary shows like Superstars, Main Event, etc. and aren't seen by the masses that watch Raw and Smackdown. However, they are worth tracking down.

Do you see Joseph Park becoming Abyss again any time soon, or has that storyline been dropped by TNA? It seems like they've moved forward with Joseph as a character in his own right, as opposed to just being a vehicle to set up the return of Abyss.

I don't know when it will be, but at some point, they have to bring Abyss back. I enjoy the Park character and I am glad they have gotten Abyss out of the corner he was trapped in as the blood and guts thumbtack guy - this will lengthen his career. If this is his "Socko" stage, then that is fine, because he can always pull Abyss out when he gets angry enough, just as Mick Foley did with Cactus Jack.

My question is about Wrath (Brian Clark). Considering his agility and the fact that he was 6'7 and over 300 pounds, how come he was never given a main event push? Why did Vince stick him with a gimmick like Adam Bomb? He surely could have been a great contender or rival to The Undertaker as they are the same size. I always liked his work as Wrath in WCW but then they never did anything with it. Why is that?

Early on in his career, he was just terrible in the ring. I think he ended up on national TV way too early and never really had a chance to regroup. His best work was towards the end of his career and when he had a chance to go back to WWE as a member of Kronik, it didn't work out well. As far as the Adam Bomb gimmick, look at WWF in that era. Everyone had a gimmick!

Has there ever been any discussion backstage for a possible Wrestlemania match between Kaitlyn and AJ, for the Divas title? If not, how has no one brought up such an idea, given their history and Wrestlemania taking place in AJ's home state?

Believe it or not, no, not at the moment.

When will Molly Holly (Nora Greenwald) be returning to action?

No time soon. She is retired.

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