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By Jose Perez on 2013-03-14 21:58:12
During the Spanish language version of the TNA Impact that just aired, it was announced several times by Hector Guerrero that TNA has entered into a partnership with Puerto Rico's new promotion, World Wrestling League.

TNA pushed the partnership and noted they would be sending talent to their shows, starting with the debut event on 4/21 in San Juan.

Every time one of the announced talents appeared on screen, TNA noted the WWL connection.

Set for the show are Samoa Joe, James Storm, Abyss, TNA Tag Team champion Bobby Roode, and Christopher Daniels. It would be the first appearance by the Abyss character in several months.

The show will be headlined by Texano Jr. vs. Ricky Bandera for the AAA Mega-Championship, the first time the title will be defended outside Mexico.

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