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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-11 08:00:00

March 11th

On this day in history in ....

1935 - Pat Newman defeats Jack Ross for the Georgia Southern Lightweight Title in Augusta, Georgia. This began Newman's second reign and ended Ross' third reign.

1936 - Tarzan Lopez defeats Mario Nuñez to win the Mexican National Welterweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1941 - Bronko Nagurski wins his second National Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title in Minneapolis, Minnesota, defeating Ray Steele. Nagurski was also recognized as champion in Toronto.

1946 - Ken Fenelon becomes the first two-time NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, by defeating Larry Tillman in Des Moines, Iowa.

1952 - Hombre Montana defeats Mike Sharpe in San Francisco, California to win the San Francisco NWA Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title, ending Sharpe's second reign and beginning his second.

1961 - Danny Ferraza defeats Dick Garza for the Wolverine Wrestling Midwest Heavyweight Title in Flint, Michigan.

1963 - Mitsu Arakawa defeat Kinji Shibuya defeats Gene Kiniski and Mr. X for the Vancouver NWA Canadian Tag Team Title in Vancouver, British Columbia.

1964 - Antonio Inoki made his wrestling debut in Honolulu, Hawaii.

1967 - Rey Mendoza defeats Rene Guajardo for the NWA World Middleweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico, ending Guajardo's fourth reign.

1967 - Ray Stevens wins the San Francisco NWA United States Heavyweight Title for the sixth time, defeating Bill Watts in San Francisco, California.

1968 - Aldo Bogni and Bronko Lubich defeat Eddie Graham and Lester Welch to win the Florida NWA Southern Tag Team Title in West Palm Beach, Florida, beginning their third reign.

1971 - Ken Lucas and Johnny West defeat Jack Morrell and Eddie Sullivan for the NWA Gulf Coast Tag Team Title in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

1972 - Masa Saito defeats Dory Dixon for the NWA Beat the Champ Television Title in Los Angeles, California.

1972 - Yasu Fuji and Chati Yokouchi win their third Central States NWA North American Tag Team Title in Wichita, Kansas, from Omar Atlas and Daniel Little Bear, ending their second reign.

1977 - Perro Aguayo wins his second NWA World Middleweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico, defeating El Faraon. As a result, Aguayo's Mexican National Middleweight Title was vacated.

1977 - Sonny King defeats Rip Tyler for the NWA Alabama Heavyweight Title in Dothan, Alabama, ending Tyler's second reign.

1978 - Pierre Martel defeats Invader I to win the WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Title in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

1980 - Paul Ellering and Sheik Ali Hassan defeat Ken Lucas and Billy Robinson to win the AWA Southern Tag Team Title in Louisville, Kentucky, ending Lucas and Robinson's second reign.

1989 - The WWF's 20th edition of Saturday Night's Main Event airs on NBC, earning a 10.0 rating. The show was taped on February 16 at the Hersheypark Arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The results:
- Brutus Beefcake defeated Rick Rude (with Bobby Heenan) by disqualification, when André the Giant interfered and attacked Beefcake on the floor, with Jake Roberts making the save. Roberts was then attacked by both André and Rude in the ring, with Beefcake trying to make the save for Jake. Beefcake threw Rude out of the ring but was taken out by André. Big John Studd then came out and had a staredown with André, until Jake threw his snake, Damien, in the ring and scared André away.
- Hulk Hogan (with Miss Elizabeth) pinned Bad News Brown after the legdrop.
- Ted DiBiase (with Virgil) pinned The Blue Blazer with a powerslam. This was DiBiase's first in-ring appearance with his Million Dollar Belt.
- The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard (with Bobby Heenan)) and The Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) fought to a double-countout.
- The Red Rooster pinned The Brooklyn Brawler with an inside cradle.

1989 - Al Perez defeats Mike Graham for the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title in Tampa, Florida, ending Graham's second reign.

1989 - Jeff Jarrett defeats Dutch Mantel to win the Championship (formerly Continental) Wrestling Association Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee.

1989 - Jason the Terrible and Steve Strong defeat The Batten Twins (Bart and Brad) to win the WWC World Tag Team Title in Caguas, Puerto Rico, ending the Battens' third reign.

1991 - Jerry Lawler defeats Terry Funk for the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, to begin his eighth reign.

1993 - Adolfo Bresciano, better known to fans as "Canada's Strongest Man" Dino Bravo, was shot to death in his home in Saint-Léonard (now part of Montreal), Quebec. Rumors circled that he was then making his living as part of a cigarette smuggling ring, run by elements of organized crime in the city. He had retired from the ring in 1992, after a 22-year career. Dino Bravo was 43 years old, and his assailants have never been found.

1993 - WCW held an event at Wembley Arena in London, England. The results were:
- WCW Television Champion Paul Orndorff defeated Michael Hayes to retain the title.
- NWA World Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham and WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Dustin Rhodes fought to a double-countout.
- Maxx Payne defeated Cactus Jack.
- Johnny B. Badd defeated Vinnie Vegas.
- Van Hammer defeated Scotty Flamingo.
- The British Bulldog defeated Rick Rude by disqualification.
- Sting pinned WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Van Vader to win the title. This began Sting's second reign and ended Vader's second.

1994 - The Ultimate Fighting Championship held UFC 2: No Way Out, at the Mammoth Gardens in Denver, Colorado. The event began referee "Big" John McCarthy's 13-year tenure with the company. UFC 2 featured a 16-man tournament, the first and only one in UFC's history, with the winner receiving $60,000. The results were:
First round, of which only the final match was shown on the broadcast:
- Scott Morris defeated Sean Daugherty by submission (guillotine choke) at 0:20.
- Patrick Smith defeated Ray Wizard by submission (guillotine choke) at 0:58.
- Johnny Rhodes defeated David Levicki by submission (strikes) at 12:13.
- Frank Hamaker defeated Thaddeus Luster by submission at 4:52.
- Orlando Weit defeated Robert Lucarelli by TKO (knees) at 2:50.
- Remco Pardoel defeated Alberta Cerra Leon by submission (armlock) at 9:51.
- Jason Delucia defeated Scott Baker by submission (strikes) at 6:41.
- Royce Gracie defeated Minoki Ichihara by submission (collar choke) at 5:08.
- Patrick Smith defeated Scott Morris by knockout at 0:30.
- Johnny Rhodes defeated Fred Ettish (replacing the injured Frank Hamaker) by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:07.
- Remco Pardoel defeated Orlando Weit by knockout (elbows) at 1:29.
- Royce Gracie defeated Jason Delucia by submission (armlock) at 1:07.
- Patrick Smith defeated Johnny Rhodes by submission (guillotine choke) at 1:07.
- Royce Gracie defeated Remco Pardoel by submission (lapel choke) at 1:31.
- Royce Gracie defeated Patrick Smith by submission (strikes) at 1:17 to win the tournament.

1996 - The Monday Night War continued, with WCW Monday Nitro's 3.2 rating beating WWF Monday Night RAW's 2.9. rating.

The 27th edition of WCW Monday Nitro was live from the Memorial Auditorium in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The results:
Dark matches:
- Diamond Dallas Page defeated Joey Maggs.
- Meng defeated Dave Sullivan.
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Konnan defeated Earl Robert Eaton to retain the title.
- The Giant defeated Jim Duggan.
- The Road Warriors (Animal and Hawk) defeated The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott), who made their surprise return to WCW.
- WCW World Television Champion Lex Luger defeated Alex Wright to retain the title.
- Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and The Booty Man defeated Arn Anderson, Ric Flair and Kevin Sullivan (with Miss Elizabeth and Woman) in a Lumberjack Strap match.

The 149th WWF Monday Night RAW was live from the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas. The results were:
Dark matches:
- Skip defeated Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).
- Ahmed Johnson and Jake Roberts defeated The British Bulldog and Owen Hart.
- Shawn Michaels defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
- WWF Champion Bret Hart defeated The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) by countout.
- Steve Austin (with Ted DiBiase) and Savio Vega fought to a double-countout.
- The Godwinns (Henry and Phineas (with Hillbilly Jim)) defeated Jerry Meade and Alex Porteau, when Henry pinned Porteau after the Slop Drop.
- Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Vin Grier after the Pedigree.
- The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) and Yokozuna defeated The British Bulldog and Owen Hart by disqualification when Vader interfered.
- Also during the show, a pre-taped segment aired, in which Mark Henry made his television debut. He gorilla-press slammed Jerry Lawler, who was interviewing him.

1999 - The Samoan Death Squad (Faku and Spade) defeat Silky Boom Boom and Frenchy Riviera to win the NWA Wildside Tag Team Title in Loganville, Georgia.

2000 - The second Rikidozan Memorial Show was held at Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan, featuring wrestlers from several of Japan's promotions. The previous Rikidozan Memorial was held in 1996. The results were:
- Gran Hamada (Michinoku Pro) and Magnum TOKYO (Toryumon) defeated CIMA and Sumo Fuji (Toryumon), when TOKYO pinned Fuji.
- Naoki Sano (Takada Dojo) pinned Yuki Ishikawa (BattlARTS).
- Yuki Kondo (Pancrase) defeated Kan Tenjun by submission.
- Commando Boirshoi (Japan Women's Project) and Yumiko Hotta (All Japan Women's) defeated Kayoko Haruyama and Ran Yuyu (JWP), when Borishoi pinned Haruyama.
- Kyoko Inoue, Yuka Nakamura and Yoshiko Tamura (New Ladies) defeated Azumi Hyuga, Dynamite Kansai and Tsubasa Kuragaki (JWP), when Tamura made Kuragaki submit.
- Yoshiaki Fujiwara defeated Satoru Sayama by submission.
- Ryuma Go (Go Gudan) and Junji Hirata (New Japan) defeated Osamu Kido and Tadao Yasuda (New Japan), when Hirata pinned Yasuda.
- Hideki Takizawa, a teen pop star, pinned Antonio Inoki in an exhibition match.
- Tomoaki Honma and Ryuji Yamikawa (Big Japan) defeated Hayabusa and Naoki Yamazaki (FMW), when Yamikawa pinned Yamazaki.
- Yoji Anjoh defeated Tarzan Goto by disqualification.
- B.B. Jones (Ron Reis) and Genichiro Tenryu (WAR) defeated Shinya Hashimoto (New Japan) and Naoya Ogawa (Universal Fighting-Arts)

2000 - CZW held "March Violence" at Champs Soccer Arena in Sewell, New Jersey. The results were:
- Nick Berk and Ty Street vs. The Kashmerino Brothers (Johnny Kashmere and Robby Mireno) ended in a no-contest.
- Trent Acid defeated White Lotus.
- Dallas vs. Natasha ended in a double-disqualification.
- Mercury defeated TCK.
- Mad Man Pondo defeated Mitch Page in a Staplegun match.
- CZW Tag Team Champions The Haas Brothers (Charlie and Russ) defeated The Shane Brothers to retain the title.
- CZW Heavyweight Champion Zandig vs. Kronus ended in a no-contest. Zandig retained the title.
- Nick Gage defeated Justice Pain.
- Wifebeater defeated CZW Iron Man Champion Lobo to win the title, ending Lobo's second reign.

2000 - Shane Hill defeats Mikami for the IWA World Junior Heavyweight Title in Arroyo, Puerto Rico.

2000 - Luis Ortiz defeats Jason Rage to win the vacant NWA New England Junior Heavyweight Title in Southbridge, Massachusetts, beginning his second reign.

2000 - Kip Morris defeats Bulldog Raines to win the NWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title in Trenton, Tennessee.

2000 - Bobby Collins defeats Caveman Broda to win the Canadian Wrestling Federation Junior Heavyweight Title in Fort Garry, Manitoba, beginning his second reign. At the same event, Brian Jewel and Alex Rain defeat Darren Dalton and Robby Royce for the CWF Tag Team Title. In that match, Robby Royce got the pin on CWF Heavyweight Champion Brian Jewel to also win that title, ending Jewel's second reign and beginning Royce's third.

2002 - The WWF held the live 459th edition of RAW and taped the 133rd Jakked at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. RAW earned a 4.5 rating on Spike TV. The results were:
Dark matches:
- Albert and Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Johnny Destiny and ???
- Brock Lesnar defeated Spike Dudley.
- The Hurricane pinned Funaki after a flying neckbreaker.
- Lance Storm pinned The Godfather after a superkick.
- Val Venis defeated Perry Saturn by submission with a reverse Figure Four Leglock.
- WWF Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri pinned Crash Holly after the Buzzsaw Kick.
- The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) and Rob Van Dam defeated The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) and WWF Intercontinental Champion William Regal, when RVD pinned Regal.
- Test pinned Rikishi.
- Al Snow pinned WWF Hardcore Champion Goldust to win the title, and begin his sixth reign.
- Kurt Angle and Booker T defeated Big Show and Edge, when Angle made Show submit with the Ankle Lock.
- Christian pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Billy, after Diamond Dallas Page interfered and hit the Diamond Cutter on Billy. After the match, Christian attacked Page, which set up their match at WrestleMania for Page's European Title.
- Stacy Keibler and WWF Women's Champion Jazz defeated Lita and Trish Stratus, when Jazz pinned Lita.
- The nWo (Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash) defeated Steve Austin and The Rock in a handicap match, when Hogan pinned Rock after the legdrop.

2003 - Kintaro Kanemura and Tetsuhiro Kuroda defeat GENTARO and Takashi Sasaki to win the WEW Tag Team Title in Tokyo, Japan. They were the last champions before the promotion closed in May.

2003 - Dr. X defeats Tigre Blanco to win the Mexican National Welterweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

2006 - The Ring of Honor vs. Combat Zone Wrestling war intensified during both promotions' events at the New Alhambra Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

CZW held "When 2 Worlds Collide". The results:
- Pandora's Box (B-Boy, Sonjay Dutt and Adam Flash (with Pandora)) defeated Sexxxy Eddy, The Messiah and Nate Webb.
- Hallowicked defeated Jigsaw, Andy Sumner and Larry Sweeney in a four-way match.
- Justice Pain defeated El Generico.
- CZW Ultraviolent Underground Champion Nick Gage defeated Danny Havoc and DJ Hyde in a three-way Panes of Glass match to retain the title.
- CZW Iron Man Champion Kevin Steen defeated Super Dragon to retain the title.
- Niles Young defeated Cheech, Cloudy, CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion Derek Frazier, The Heretic and Sabian in a six-way Ladder match win the title.
- Generation Next (Austin Aries, Roderick Strong and Matt Sydal) (ROH) defeated Necro Butcher and The BLKOUT (Eddie Kingston and Ruckus) (CZW).

ROH held "Arena Warfare". The results were:
- Homicide & Ricky Reyes defeated The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos), Jason Blade & Kid Mikaze and The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay) in a Tag Team Scramble match, when Homicide pinned Marcos.
- ROH Tag Team Champion Roderick Strong defeated Jimmy Yang.
- ROH Tag Team Champion Austin Aries defeated Matt Sydal.
- The Dempsey Brothers (Bobby and Derrick) defeated Shane Hagadorn and Pelle Primeau.
- The Irish Airborne (Dave and Jake Crist) defeated Tony Mamaluke and Sal Rinauro.
- ROH World Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson defeated Alex Shelley to retain the title.
- Colt Cabana defeated Christopher Daniels. Samoa Joe came out and challenged the winner.
- Samoa Joe defeated Colt Cabana. After the match, a huge brawl between the ROH and CZW rosters broke out.

2006 - In a tag team match with NWA Midwest Tag Team Champions Tyler Black and Marek Brave one on side, and NWA Iowa Heavyweight Champion Ryan Boz and NWA Heartland States Heavyweight Champion Danny Daniels on the other, with all three titles on the line, Brave pins Boz to retain he and Black's Midwest Tag Team title and win the Iowa Heavyweight title. This ended Boz's second reign.

2006 - Hayden Young defeats Jeff Lewis in Cornelia, Georgia for the NWA Anarchy Television Title, ending Lewis' second reign.

2006 - Stan Lee defeats Jerry Lawler for the NWA All-Star Wrestling Heavyweight Title in Norton, Virginia, beginning his second reign.

2006 - JT Wolfen wins a battle royal to win the Hawaii Championship Wrestling  Kamehameha Heritage Heavyweight Title in Wahaiwa, Hawaii.

2006 - Dave Holiday defeats Matt Kuma to win the Pro Wrestling WORLD-1 Southern Heavyweight Title in Valdosta, Georgia.

2007 - TNA held the second-annual Destination X pay-per-view at the iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, Florida. The results:
- NWA World Tag Team Champions The Latin American Exchange (Homicide and Hernandez (with Konnan)) defeated Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon (with Johnny Rodz)) in a Ghetto Brawl, when Homicide pinned Devon after Alex Shelley hit Devon with his video camera, and Homicide frog splashed Devon through a table.
- James Storm and Jacqueline Moore defeated Petey Williams and Gail Kim in a Double Bullrope match, when Storm pinned Williams after a superkick.
- Senshi defeated Austin Starr in a Crossface Chickenwing match. After the match, Starr attacked Bob Backlund, who had come to ringside during the match, and put him in the Crossface Chickenwing.
- The Voodoo Kin Mafia (B.G. and Kip James) defeated The Heartbreakers (Romeo Roselli and Antonio Thomas (with Christy Hemme)), when B.G. pinned Antonio after a Pumphandle Slam.
- TNA X Division Champion Chris Sabin defeated Jerry Lynn in a two-out-of-three falls match to retain the title. Lynn pinned Sabin after a Tornado DDT to win the first fall, Sabin pinned Lynn while holding the ropes in the second, and Sabin pinned Lynn with a roll-up after the distraction of a masked man to win. After the match, the masked man hit the Angel's Wings on Sabin, hit Lynn with the X Division Title belt, and revealed himself to be Christopher Daniels.
- Rhino defeated A.J. Styles in a Elevation X match, by knocking Styles off the Elevation X structure above the ring.
- Kurt Angle pinned Scott Steiner after a Sunset Flip off the top rope.
- Sting defeated Abyss in a Last Rites (casket) match.
- NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage pinned Samoa Joe, after flipping over while in the Coquina Clutch and holding the ropes, to retain the title.

2007 - Giant Bernard and Travis Tomko defeat Manabu Nakanishi and Takao Omori for the IWGP World Tag Team Title in Nagoya, Japan.

2007 - A battle royal in Tokyo, Japan sees multiple changes of the Dramatic Dream Team Ironman Heavymetalweight Title. Sempai was the champion coming into the match. The title then went through Naoshi Sano six times, Yuki Miyazaki six times, Taneichi Kacho three, Kikutaro four, Naomi Susan once, and Exciting Yoshida twice, with Yoshida emerging the winner. A short time later, a ladder fell on top of Exciting Yoshida, with a referee counting three, making the ladder the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion. This was the third such instance of this occuring, with it previously happening to Yoshihiro Sakai and Sanshiro Takagi in 2003.

 2008 - The bill that would have revamped regulation of pro wrestling in the Georgia was approved by the Georgia Senate by a vote of 49-6. To become law, the bill must be passed by the House of Representatives during this session of the General Assembly, which failed to happen. The substitute version passed by the Senate was far more favorable to the wrestling industry than the bill as it was originally introduced. The portions of the bill that came under fire from the wrestling industry at the February 12 public hearing have largely been eliminated. No longer present are the requirements for an ambulance at every show, the presence of a doctor at ringside and the 5% gate tax. In addition, the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission is expressly prohibited from regulating the entertainment aspects of the matches. It contains many of the rules suggested by the Georgia Wrestling Promoters Advisory Committee headed by Bill Behrens.The annual license fee for wrestlers is set at $20. The licensure application must be accompanied by documentation the wrestler passed a basic medical exam. Bleeding is permissible on the condition that the wrestler provided documentation of negative blood tests for the presence of communicable diseases.

2009 - Former Xtreme Pro Wrestling owner Rob Zicari (aka Rob Black) and his wife, one-time XPW talent Janet "Lizzie Borden" Romano plead guilty in federal court in Pittsburgh, PA to to one count of conspiracy to distribute obscene materials. Zicari also plead guilty to one count on behalf of his now defunct video company, Extreme Associates Inc. The pleas were made part of an agreement between the defendants and prosecutors that saw nine counts of violating federal obscenity statuettes dropped. The couple and Extreme Associates Inc. were indicted in August 2003 for selling graphic pornography via the mail and online after a long investigation by federal prosecutors. At the time, they were accused, "of sending obscene movies to a Post Office box in the Pittsburgh area. The suspects also allegedly sent obscene tapes and DVDs to a local wholesaler and transmitted obscene footage on the Extreme Associates Website." A trial was set to begin within days of the plea. The couple were facing upwards of 50 years in prison and up to a $5 million fine. Black promoted Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) from 1999-2003 in California, using his adult video production company Extreme Associates as the parent company. The promotion was something of a West Coast answer to the original ECW after a falling out between Zicari and then-ECW owner Paul Heyman, running regularly for several years using a mix of former ECW talents like Sabu, New Jack and the late John Kronus as well as West Coast performers they cultivated like Supreme, Kaos and Johnny Webb. XPW, using Shane Douglas as booker, had expanded into Philadelphia in 2002. Their entrance set off the Philadelphia wrestling war of 2002-2003. At one point, they held exclusivity on the former ECW Arena, preventing all other independents from running the venue during a really hot period where tons of companies were running (and most drawing) in the city of Brotherly Love. A side effect of their run inadvertently lead the way to the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission taking a much stricter stance on hardcore wrestling following an incident when a particularly bloody bout ended up in the ECW Arena's women's restroom and a woman affiliated with a Commission member ended up with blood on her. Although the company was gone from Philadelphia by February 2003, they had also moved into the Pittsburgh market, drawing a good house there thanks to Douglas' local promoting and were still running regularly in Los Angeles. That all changed in April 2003 when Extreme Associates was raided by federal authorities after receiving materials that were ordered from the website of Black's adult video company and shipped to Pennsylvania. Once the federal charges were filed, the promotion pretty much ceased to exist although they maintained the company website for some time afterward and aired several taped "Best of" XPW PPV specials. An XPW revival show "A Cold Day in Hell" was staged in 2009 in California and later released on DVD, but Zicari was not involved as he had sold the rights to the company and its video library to XEG and Big Vision Entertainment in 2004 and was later said to have "despised wrestling and all it 'did to him", according to an interview I conducted with former XPW official Kevin Kleinrock to promote the reunion show.
2009 - Former WWF Intercontinental champion and MMA legend Ken Shamrock has been suspended for one year and fined $2,500 by the California State Athletic Commission after testing positive for three different types of steroids. Shamrock tested positive for Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone and Stanozolol after a 2/13 win in California over Ross Clifton. It was Shamrock's first win in close to four years. The suspension effectively canceled a planned Shamrock vs. Bobby Lashley MMA bout.
2010 - WWE hired Dennis Condrey as a trainer. Condrey, one of the all time best tag team performers, worked for the company for several months before departing.
2010 - Sandy Scott, who wrestled as one half of the Scott Brothers tag team alongside brother George and held instrumental backstage positions with Mid-Atlantic, Jim Crockett Promotions and Smoky Mountain Wrestling, passed away following a battle with pancreatic cancer.
In 2008, Sandy was inducted into the NWA Legends Hall of Heroes. To give everyone an understanding of the scope of his accomplishments and this loss, here is his bio from that induction, as written by Steve Johnson:
 Sandy Scott’s career is a perfect prism through which to view the history of wrestling in the Mid-Atlantic. Consider a sampling from his experiences in the Carolinas as part of more than 40 years in the business:
    In the 1950s and 1960s, Scott and brother George headlined cards as “The Flying Scotts,” one of the most important tag teams in the most important tag team territory in the country.
    In the 1970s, he lent his expertise to up-and-coming stars like Jerry Brisco, and added tag combos with the likes of Nelson Royal and Bearcat Wright to his résumé.
    In the 1980s, he was a key front office executive for Jim Crockett Promotions, booking towns and venues, handling TV ads, and keeping a lucrative business thriving.
    In the 1990s, he worked for World Championship Wrestling and watched in dismay at the “suits” in Atlanta mismanaged the company on its road to ruin.
But here’s the most amazing part of it all — Bob Caudle, the voice of Mid-Atlantic wrestling, who worked with Scott on TV, said he didn’t even recall the transplanted Canadian uttering a cuss word. “He was such a clean-cut guy and a down-to-earth honest guy,” said Caudle, who will induct Scott into the Hall of Heroes. “He had a great sense of humor and he’s a terrific storyteller. I used to hook up with him in Charlotte when we were riding to Spartanburg or some other place, and Sandy would be telling stories about what happened up in Canada in the winter, traveling from city to city in the ice and the snow.”
Angus Mackay Scott was born in 1934 in Hamilton, Ontario, where he wrestled at a local YMCA, played a little football, and worked out ― with more of an eye toward bodybuilding ― with wrestler Mike Sharpe. He got his start in the pro ranks in 1954, when older brother George brought him into the Calgary territory for promoter Stu Hart. The pair won the Canadian tag title titles within months of their debut as a tag team. “They were a little different, but they were right sharp. I thought they were both good wrestlers,” said Canadian legend Yvon “The Beast” Cormier. Based out of Calgary for about six years, the Scotts appeared briefly in the Carolinas in 1957 and by the early ‘60s were fixtures on the Southern circuit. In 1959, the Petersburg, Va., Progress-Index took a stab at describing a young Sandy’s in-ring style, calling him “a brilliant offensive wrestler. His aerial attacks are devastating, with solid flying tackles, vice-like head scissors and fast dropkicks.”
Scott said he enjoyed the tag team work more than singles competition. “We knew each other pretty well, George and I. We could do things just automatically. We knew what each other was going to do.” His travelogue also includes places like Japan, Australia, Europe, but Crockett territory remained Scott’s home base. “Jim Crockett had a very, very good name,” he explained. “If he told you something, that was it. In our business, you don’t find guys like that too often.” Scott transitioned into a front office role for the office and frequently appeared on TV as a representative of the National Wrestling Alliance. He hooked up with WCW when Ted Turner’s company took over Jim Crockett Promotions, and knew things were going downhill when Jim Herd, who lacked a wrestling background, assumed control of the operation. “I don’t know how he ever got in there but he did, and you see what happened,” Scott laughed. After the WCW fiasco, Scott was one of the driving forces behind Smoky Mountain Wrestling, the last of the old-school promotions. He’s still living in the area, in Roanoke, Va., where some things haven’t changed from his days in the car with Caudle, Gene Anderson, and others — he still has to explain to southerners about snow. “I tell them we’ve seen snow as high as the telephone poles up in Saskatchewan, and have to take a train to get through to Saskatoon, and they think I'm kidding,” he said.
2010 - Dennis Condrey told Wednesday night that he signed a contract earlier in the day with World Wrestling Entertainment. He starts Monday, and will be located in Tampa working with the NXT crew.
Condrey, an excellent tag team wrestler as a heel, was one third of the original Midnight Express with Randy Rose and Norvell Austin. He and Bobby Eaton later worked under the same team name in a number of areas, including Jim Crockett Promotions, building the national level of the team.
After disappearing from wrestling (he later stated he neeed to take care of his personal life, so he pulled up stakes so suddenly, his best friends couldn't find him) in 1987, Condrey returned for a short time teaming with Randy Rose against the then-Midnight Express tandem of Eaton and Stan Lane. He left right before the blow-off to the feud between rival Midnights and never wrestled on a national level again.
Condrey resurfaced again in 2004, working a number of Midnight Express reunion events and conventions, teaming with both Eaton (and at times, Lane and even Jim Cornette, the Midnights' perennial manager). He worked a number of independents in the Southeast as well, both as a single and in a team with Eaton.
2011 - WWE broadcast Superstars.  Richard Trionfo filed the following report:
We start off tonight’s show with the Smackdown brand and your announcers are Matt Striker and Todd Grisham.
Match Number One: Dolph Ziggler versus Shelton Benjamin
Ziggler with kicks and punches as the match starts and then he backs Shelton into the corner but Shelton with an Irish whip. Ziggler with the sleeper but Shelton with a snap mare to escape the hold. Ziggler with a drop kick to the knee followed by a leaping leg lariat for a near fall. Ziggler with a kick to the back of the head and then he hits the leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock but Shelton with elbows and punches. Benjamin with a few clotheslines but he misses the Dragon whip but he does not miss with the Samoan drop and gets a near fall. Benjamin puts Ziggler on the turnbuckles and then we see punches from each man but Benjamin jumps to the buckles but Ziggler pushes him off but Benjamin drops Ziggler on the ropes. Ziggler recovers first and hits the Zig Zag but Benjamin kicks out at two. Ziggler waits for Benjamin to get up and he applies the sleeper. Benjamin tries to get to the ropes but Ziggler applies a body scissors and Benjamin goes out and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler
We go to commercial.
Match Number Two: Mike Knox versus Goldust
They lock up and Goldust backs Knox into the corner but Knox with a punch while the referee tries to separate them. Knox with kicks in the opposite corner and the referee warns Knox. Goldust with punches but Knox with a drop kick for a near fall. Knox with a kick and snap mare followed by a reverse chin lock. Goldust with the drop down uppercut followed by a clothesline and reverse atomic drop. Goldust gets a near fall after a bulldog. Goldust goes to the turnbuckles and punches Knox but Knox pushes Goldust away. Knox charges at Goldust but Goldust with a power slam for a near fall. Knox misses a pump kick but he hits the cross body for a near fall. Goldust hits the Final Cut for the three count.
Winner: Goldust
It is time for an NXT video package and recap from this week.
We go to commercial.
We are back with a Wrestlemania Recall and it is from Wrestlemania XX and it is the Match that Dave Scherer made Irrelevant between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg.
We are in the second half of the show and it is time for the Raw portion of the show. Your announcers are Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole.
Match Number Three: Santino Marella versus Zack Ryder with Rosa Mendes
They lock up and Santino with a side head lock and take down. Ryder with a side head lock and take down of his own. Ryder with a shoulder tackle but Santino with an arm drag and slam. Santino tries for a monkey flip but Zack holds on to the ropes. Ryder with a clothesline and neck breaker for a near fall. Ryder with a reverse chin lock. Santino with a snap mare but Ryder with a knee. Ryder sends Santino into the turnbuckles. Ryder pie faces Santino but he Hulkas Up. Ryder with punches but Santino with punches of his own. Santino with a forearm and a split followed by the hip toss. Santino sets up the cobra and he hits Ryder in the head. Rosa gets on the apron and that allows Ryder to drop Santino on the top rope and he hits the leg lariat and the Zack Attack for the three count.
Winner: Zack Ryder
We go to commercial.
We are back with the Raw Rebound.
We run through the card for Wrestlemania.
Match Number Four: Montel Vontavious Porter and Christian with Heath Slater versus Chavo Guerrero and Carlito with Michael Tarver
Porter and Chavo start things off and Chavo tries for a kick and so does Porter. They lock up and Chavo with a waist lock. Porter with a standing switch into a side head lock. Porter with a flying forearm for a near fall. Porter with a front face lock and he tags in Christian. Chavo escapes from Porter and tags in Carlito. Christian does some clapping while he waits for Carlito to lock up. Carlito with a kick and side head lock. Christian with a drop kick for a near fall. Christian runs into a knee from Carlito and then Carlito knocks Christian off the apron and he hits the ringside barrier. We go to commercial as Carlito goes to the floor.
We are back and Carlito is working on Christian’s back but Christian gets to his feet and he punches Carlito. Carlito hits the springboard back elbow for a near fall. Carlito with a slam and then he goes to the turnbuckles but he comes off and connects with Christian’s boot. Porter tags in and hits an overhead throw followed by double sledges. He knocks Chavo off the apron and then hits the facebuster before doing the ballin’ elbow. He waits for Carlito to get up but Chavo pulls Carlito out of the ring. Porter with a baseball slide into Chavo and Carlito. Porter goes to the apron and Chavo pulls Porter off while Carlito distracted the referee. Carlito runs Porter’s back into the ringside barrier. They return to the ring and Carlito works on Porter’s back. Carlito with a slam and then he tags in Chavo who hits the slingshot senton before kicking Porter and hitting a Latino uppercut and getting a near fall. Chavo with a kick but Porter blocks a punch and connects with punches of his own. Chavo with a drop toe hold and forearms to the back. Chavo sends Porter into the corner and he punches Porter. Carlito chokes Porter with the tag rope while the referee was not looking. Carlito tags in and Porter takes a swing at Tarver. Carlito and Chavo work over Porter and Tarver holds up his fist to Porter. Carlito and Porter exchange punches and Carlito with a kick but Porter drives Carlito into the mat. Porter tries to make the tag and he succeeds. Chavo tags in too. Christian punches Chavo and Christian with the running forearm. Chavo with a float over but Christian with a back kick and sunset flip from the turnbuckles. Christian with a punch and then he kicks Chavo and hits a back elbow from the turnbuckles. Christian with more clapping and he hits a knee lift on Carlito. Christian tries for another sunset flip from the turnbuckles but Chavo drops down and gets a near fall. Chavo gets two of the three rolling suplexes but Christian with an inverted DDT. Carlito breaks up the cover and then Porter and Carlito go to the floor. Chavo blocks the Killswitch and Chavo hits a jackhammer and goes up top for the frog splash but he misses and Chavo rolls through. Chrstian with the Killswitch for the three count.
Winners: Christian and Montel Vontavious Porter
2011 - Impact Championship Wrestling presented "The Future is Now" in Queens, NY.  Mike Johnson filed the following live report:
Welcome to's live coverage of Impact Championship Wrestling's "The Future Is Now" in Queens, NY at the Queensborough Elks Lodge, designed to showcase some of the younger talents that work for ICW.
Pre-Show Notes:
Former WWE star Luke Gallows is here visiting as he is flying out to Africa for a tour tomorrow...Honkytonk Man will be coming in to headline the promotion's next card on Friday 5/13.
Suicidal Six Way Match: Joey Ace vs. Jon Silver vs. Angel Ortiz vs. Chris Dickerman vs. Justin Toxic vs. Matt Tremont
Bear with me here as I've never seen any of these talents before. All six began brawling as soon as the bell rang. As the other four brawled, Joey Ace hit a great looking powerbomb on Ortiz and pinned him. Joey Ace and Jon Silver quickly followed. Matt Tremont, who looked really good here, nailed a spinebuster and went to the top but missed a splash, wiping out a chair and was pinned by Justin Toxic. Toxic then shocked Dickerman and scored the pin.
Your winner, Justin Toxic!
Fun opener but so much was going on, no way I could catch it all here.
Earl Cooter (with Candi Cartwright) vs. Smith James
Cooter does a redneck Joe Dirt gimmick and said he did't come all the way to the "Moose Lodge" to be booed and demanded the fans cheer him. James is a Taz finishing school student and I could see how little things he did in the ring were way improved from the last time I've seen him work.
Cooter tried to lock up but James avoided him. They locked up and James grabbed a side headlock, then began working over Cooter's arm. Cooter was pretty funny screaming like a little girl in pain. He was shoulderblocked down and backed off, trying to kill James' momentum.
They locked up again, but it was the same results for Cooter, as he ate another shoulderblock. Cooter retreated to the floor, trying to get some loving from his valet, Candi. Back in the ring, Cooter attempted a hiptoss but it was reverse and he backed off from Smith again.
James charged Cooter in the corner but was nailed with a big kick. Cooter caught him with a clothesline and nailed several elbows. Smith tried to nail some body shots to cut him off but was unsuccessful. Cooter choked Smith against the ropes. Smith started to mount a comeback but was nailed with a big right hand. Cooter ran Smith's face against the ropes.
Cooter nailed a rolling snapmare followed by a dropkick for a near fall. He went to backdrop Smith but Smith turned it into a sunset flip. Cooter grabbed the ropes. Cooter began working over Smith's shoulder with kneedrops and stomps. Cooter locked on a side chinlock but Smith broke free and drilled him with several shoulderblocks.
Smith began cleaning house and caught Cooter with a big Samoan Drop but Cooter kicked out. Smith whipped Cooter into the corner and he did the Flair Flop. He went to the top rope and nailed a flying bodypress but Smith caught him and nailed a TKO for the pin.
Your winner, Smith James!
Good back and forth solid match.
The SAT vs. The Midnight Sensation
The SAT are now Joel Maximo and his cousin Will Maximo. Jose, Joel's brother, has left the business.
Will Maximo and one of the Sensation start out. They go back and forth and finally face off. Joel tags in. The Sensation member catches him with a Lucha armdrag and dropkicks Maximo out of the ring. He goes for a sliding kick out of the ring but is caught and stopped with a kcik to the face.
The Maximos set up a move but the other member of the Sensation dives out of the ring and wipes out Joel. The other Sensation hit a dive to the floor on Will. Back in the ring, the Sensation nailed a series of double team manuevers in the ring. They looked good. Wish I could have heard their names over the house mic. ICW desperately needs a new sound system.
Will Maximo turned the tide of battle but was soon cut off. The Sensation drilled him in the corner with double elbows and then kicks to the back. They nailed a double gourd buster and peppered him with punches. Will was locked into a Cobra Clutch but the crowd clapped for him to break free. He did but was immediately taken out again.
Will finally kicked the Sensation off as they charged him in the corner, then hit a missile dropkick. He made the hot tag to Joel, who cleaned house with clotheslines and chops, then a spear. He caught one of the Sensation with a scoop powerslam for a one count. '
The Maximos worked over The Sensation. One of the Sensation went for a springboard move but was caught by Will in mid-move and nailed with a German suplex for a two count. The Sensation took Will out and nailed the Powerplex on Joel. They then applied the claw in stereo of Will's head.
Joel made the same with a series of kicks. The SAT nailed the Spanish Fly and scored the pin.
Your winners, The SAT!
Joel Maximo took the mic and thanked everyone for their support the last ten years. He asked everyone to give it up for his brother. He said that wrestling has been part of their family's life for years and he just wanted to thank everyone for their support. A nice moment.
Joey Janella vs. Danny Demanto
Janella worked the crazy multi-man match last week and was billed as "The King of the Moonsault." He did some mic work pumping up Queens and then cut a promo on Demanto saying that the "fat slob" wasn't here. He said that Demanto was too busy eating at the China Buffet instead of wanting to wrestle. He said Demanto was just a crybaby b***ch.
He said that since Demanto wasn't here, he was challenging his girl, Gina San Antonio to a match. He said he was going to show everyone some man on woman violence. Nice babyface! Gina took the mic and said that Janella talks a lot of trash when Demanto is hundreds of miles away. At the same moment, Demanto came in from the front door and slipped over the rail before Janella.
He tapped Janella on the shoulder. Janella turned and immediately nailed a spinning backfirst, slapped him and began cleaning house as they rang the bell. They went to the floor, where Janella hit a springboard moonsault of sorts, landing knees first on Demanto. They battled around ringside.
Janella tossed Demanto back into the ring but was cut off as he returned to the ring. Demanto chopped away at Janella in the corner. He hit a running shoulderblock in the corner and covered him for a two count. Demanto used the ropes to strangle Janella, sitting on his back to force the pressure.
Janella tried to break free but was cut off with a hard clothesline. He took a sign a young fan made for Janella and rubbed it in his crotch then tore it up. He then locked on a Camel Clutch. Janella fought his way out to his feet and went for a sunset flip but Demanto slipped out and nailed a back senton splash.
Demanto continued the beating, driving his knee over Janella's throat, then began ripping on the fans at ringside. Demanto whipped Janella into the corner but Janella came off with a moonsault press, then hit a float over DDT on Demanto. They exchanged chops in the center of the ring, then progressed to slaps.
Cooter caught Demanto with a neckbreaker then dove on him in the corner with a diving attack. He covered Demanto for a two count. Janella went for a clothesline but was caught and nailed a uranage for a two count. Demanto nailed a superkick out of the corner for a two count.
They battled in the corner with Demanto getting the better of him. Demanto mocked him for being the king of the moonsault and said he would do his own. Demanto missed and Janella slammed him down on the mat for a two count.
They battled in the corner with Demanto coming off with an Ace Crusher for a two count. Janella mounted a comeback but was unable to pin Demanto. He came off the ropes with a backdrop into a double stomp, which looked awesome, for a two count.
Janella went back to the top but Tina crotched him. Demanto followed him to the top and nailed an over the shoulder Michinoku Driver type move and scored the pin. Good stuff.
Your winner, Danny Demanto!
House of Glory Battle Royal
The House of Glory is a wrestling school run by Joel Maximo, Brian XL and The Amazing Red, so this is all of their students.
This was a fun Battle Royal, including my new favorite masked man, Panda Man, who dresses like a Panda and even eats Bamboo in the ring after hitting a big move. That is so hilariously wacky. It was eventually won by a wrestler named Silver, who did a Scarface type gimmick that was really over with some of the crowd. For a Battle Royal of youg students, it was pretty entertaining.
Devon Moore came out. He said he was here to study The Amazing Red tonight but someone came to him and said he needed a partner tonight, so he agreed to team and introduced Sabian.
Devon Moore & Sabian vs. TJ & Kirby Mack, Team Macktion
Team Macktion are from The Carolinas as I've seen them work on the NWA Legends Fanfest events. Kirby started out with Sabian. They had some nice back and forth feeling out counter-wrestling. Kirby shoulderblocked Sabian down but Sabian came back with a dropkick after a back and forth crisscross.
Moore tagged in and drilled Kirby with several headbutts. He was kicked off of a charge into the ring and nailed with the Sidewinder. TJ Mack tagged in and the Macks hit a double charge into the corner followed by a double kick to the face. TJ hit a dropkick after rebounding off the ropes, getting a two count on Moore. He followed it up with a Side Russian legsweep for another two count and locked in an armbar.
Sabian hit the ring and broke up the submission. Macktion drilled Moore with kicks to the chest and back at the same time for another two count. They kept working over Moore with double team maneuvers. Sabian was able to tag in and began working over TJ. He went after Kirby to antagonize him and distract the referee, allowing Moore and Sabian to beat on TJ.
Sabian measured TJJ and chopped him in the corner. The fans kept chanting for Silver from the last match, so Moore took the mic and ripped on them and Silver. Sabian took the mic and asked if they are calling for the "fat guy who just paid to win the Battle Royal?" OUCH! The fans responded by chanting "Your match sucks." Moore kept ripping on the fans with the mic.
Sabian tossed TJ to the floor and started arguing with fans in the crowd. Kirby tagged in and drilled Sabian with a big legdrop. He and Sabia went back and forth until Sabian caught him low with a kick, setting up a Moore running clothesline and a suplex. Sabian hit a splash for a two count.
They worked over Team Macktion, who made a comeback. TJ missed a charge and flew over the ropes to the floor. Sabian hit a dive to the floor. Moore and Kirby went back and forth. Sabian hit a rana, drilling his head into the mat. He came back with a missile dropkick. Macktion hit Sabian with the Washing Machine and scored the pin.
Your winners, Team Macktion!
A solid tag team match although the crowd seemed to mess up the flow a bit with their chants for Silver. The work in the ring was good. The crowd kept yelling for Silver so Kirby Mack took the mic and ripped on the fans, saying he didn't pay to get in the ring and if someone wants to try him they can. So, it turned into both the faces and the heels ripping on the fans of the guy who won the Battle Royal. Moore and Sabian kept going on and on on the mic ripping on the fans.
VSK vs. Pinkie Sanchez
They go back and forth with Sanchez working over VSK. VSK came back with a series of forearms. VSK hit a nice dive to the outside. They battled back and forth on the apron. VSK caught Sanchez with a sideslam on the apron.
Sanchez came back with a cheap win. Solid stuff. Sanchez plays a great sleazeball heel and VSK showed a hell of a lot of promise.
Capone vs. TJ Riske
I couldn't make out their names with the ring mic, so I'm going by the names that were scribbled on the lineup sheet in the locker room. They started out really dast wuth a ton of back and forth moves. Riske nailed a dropkick.
Capone took over but Riske came back with a flying bodypress off the top. Capone rolled out of the ring so Riske teased a dive. Capone returnedto hit a lungblower and slammed him for a two count. He worked him over in the corner with rights, then hit a hard Irish whip into the opposite corner.
They locked up and went back and forth. Capone nailed several dropkicks and scored several two counts. Riske came back with several knee strikes. He charged Capone but maneuvered up and over onto the apron. He drilled Capone with a right and hit a slingshot splash in for a two count.
Capone came back with a float over spinning DDT but was too tired to make the cover. When he recovered they battled and forth. Riske hit another slingshot twisting splash for a two count. Riske finally nailed an Alabama Jam for the pin.
Your winner, TJ Riske!
The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz hit the ring and destroyed Riske. EC Negro took the mic and said that they are the Tag Team champions of the universe and the only tag team that matters. Negro ripped on promoter Jac Sabboth and was pissed they were stripped of their tag team title shot because they laid out Mia Yim last week, and said they were going to show the world what they were all about tonight.
The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz vs. The Untouchables
The Untouchables cleaned house early. The DRS retreated to the floor. When DRS took back over, they did a lot of entertaining grandstanding but the Untouchables came back with a big dropkick to EC Negro. KC Blade was tossed to the floor.
Blade tripped one of the Untouchables to set up Negro drilling him with a somersault clothesline. DRS was caught and nailed with a double noggin' knocker. DRS came back to control the bout again, using their shtick to screw with the partner on the outside so the referee would admonish him while allowing them to keep working over their opponent.
Negro hit a back senton for a two count, then locked on a rear chinlock. They kept the pressure up, mocking their opponents at the same time. There is a funny heel charisma to DRS. The Untouchables made the big babyface comeback, including tricking Negro to backdrop Blade. They set up Blade for the Steiners' old bulldog on the shoulders finish but Blade nailed the Untouchable (couldn't tell them apart) with an elbow and reversed them.
Your winners, The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz!
After the match, KC Blade took the mic and said that he sees ICW Tag Tean champion The Grim Reefer in the crowd watching and scouting. He said that Reefer goes to Jac Sabboth's store with his "gay sons" to Sabboth's store begging that they don't have to defend the titles against DRS. He cut a good promo on Reefer daring him to put the belts on the line, taking shots at Reefer's sons and his Irish heritage. He demanded an answer. Reefer said if he wants an answer, then attacked him. He laid out Negro and brawled with Blade. DRS finally overwhelmed him and beat him with the ring mic, then hit their finisher.
The Amazing Red vs. Brian XL
Yes, the same XL that was part of Ring of Honor's Special K during the early days of that promotion. He's now one of the trainers at the House of Glory school. They shook hands to open the match. They had some nice back and forth wrestling early on in the bout.
They continued going back and forth with fast Lucha takedowns and reversals before facing off. They locked up again and Red grabbed an arm and bega wringing it. XL escaped but was caught with a series of armdrags and hiptosses.
XL went to the apron and leapt over a Red sliding kick. He nailed Red with a reverse kick, sending him to the floor. XL tossed Red back into the ring and nailed a springboard bodypress XL
XL began stomping across Red's face and chopped away at him. Red ducked a charge in the corner and came back with a leg lariat for a two count. Red measured XL and drilled him with a kick to the back. He cinched in a side chinlock, then dropped a leg and covered XL for a two count.
Red hit a leaping forearm in the corner then a twisting knee to the back of the neck for another near fall. Red cinched in a side headlock as some of the crowd began chanting for XL. XL elbowed his way out of the move, ducked a clothesline and caught Red with a twisting headscissors into a rana. Red went to the floor. XL dropkicked him through the ropes into the crowd. XL then hit a great standing springboard moonsault off the top into the crowd on Red.
They battled on the ground and were almost counted out but made it back in at the last second. The crowd began chanting for Red. Red and XL began exchanging chops in the center of the ring, then began battling back and forth with forearms. They went for a kick at the same time, nailing the other's legs in stereo, then went for bodypresses, crashing and burning after colliding mid-air.
They made it back to their feet and began nailing the other with measured punches. Red went for a Lucha takedown but XL tried to avoid it. Red ended up slamming him down in a nasry way covering him for a two count.
Red pulled XL up for a suplex but XL landed on his feet. Brian grabbed Red and after battling with him, dropped him down into a package driver for a two count. XL went to the top but was met with a twisting kick from Red. Red went to the top for a dive but XL rolled out of the way, Red landed on his feet but was taken out by an XL kick to the head.
Both men struggled to recover. XL did first and went to the top. He dove off but was nailed with a dropkick to the face in mid-air. Red nailed a twisting kick to the face and covered XL, who kicked out at the last second. Red drilled XL with a stiff kick to the chest.
XL reversed a whip into the corner but was sent up and over by Red. He drilled Red with a kick and then came off with a big elbow for a two count. XL placed Red on the top and set him up for a superplex. Red kicked at him as he was lifted and reversed it, superplexing XL in instead.
Red nailed a standing shooting star and scored the pin.
Fun match!
Your winner, The Amazing Red!
2011 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:
We are live on tape from Houston, Texas and your announcers are Michael ‘Since we are in Booker’s home town, tonight’s show is all about me’ Cole, Josh ‘Since we are in Booker’s home town, I can dig it. . . Sucka!!!’ Mathews, and Booker ‘Tell me you did not just say that’ T.
The current World Champion, Edge comes to the ring to talk to the people of Houston as well as the WWE Universe.
In case you missed last week’s show we see highlights of the contract signing ceremony and Michael Cole tells us that Edge ‘shot first’ and then we see Christian going after Alberto Del Rio, and tangentially to help Edge.
Edge looks at the Wrestlemania sign and tells Alberto twenty-three days. In twenty-three days they will meet for the World Title at Wrestlemania. He says that a little blood and a busted nose is not going to stop him. He asks Alberto if he knows who he is and what he had to get through to get here. Edge says that he is not looking for a match, he wants a fight. Edge tells Alberto that he is not giving him a choice or an option.
If he does not come out, he will find him. Edge says that he does not care if it is a parking lot, a hotel room, or a bingo hall . . . he will find Alberto. He wants to make sure that Alberto understands.
Alberto’s music plays and he does not drive out. He is accompanied by Brodus Clay. Alberto asks Edge who does he think he is to call him out. He wants to know if Edge knows who he is.
Edge says that he is a Ricky Martin lookalike who is trying to reform Menudo with King Hippo. He tells Alberto that he is a cocky, egotistical, arrogant coward.
Alberto says that he is the man who sends Edge home every week in pain. He is Alberto Del Rio and he is with Brodus Clay. Alberto says that he is the man who is going to replace Edge’s legacy with his destiny.
Alberto and Brodus enter the ring and we have a stare down before Alberto says that he will become the new World Champion at Wrestlemania.
Edge punches Del Rio and then he goes after Clay. Edge punches Del Rio but Clay with a clothesline. Alberto punches Edge and hits him with his scarf. Clay sends Edge’s shoulder into the ring post.
Christian’s music plays and he comes to the ring and he punches Clay and then he takes Del Rio down and he punches him. Clay with a running shoulder to Christian. Del Rio punches Edge while Clay punches Christian.
Referees come to the ring and then Teddy Long’s music plays and he comes out. Teddy is not in a dancing mood and he says that after last week’s contract signing and what just happened, it appears that they still have some issues. Tonight will be one of the most historic nights in the history of Smackdown. Brodus Clay and Alberto Del Rio will face one of the greatest tag teams ever, reunited for the first time in ten years, Edge and Christian.
Michael Cole calls himself a ‘pop icon’ but he says that he will return to his ‘journalistic roots’ and he will interview John Cena in what Cole calls ‘The Interview of the Year’.
We go to commercial.
We are back and Did You Know that there are going to be a lot of autographs signed during Wrestlemania Axxess.
While Kane comes to the ring, Josh reminds us of Corre confronting Kane last week and then we see the highlights from the match between Kane and Big Show when The Corre came to assist Kane, but Kane decided to hit Justin Gabriel with a chair as well.
Wade Barrett comes out and he tells Kane that he has made a couple of monumental mistakes. First, he did not appreciate what the Corre did for him. Then he had the audacity to put his hands on Justin Gabriel. He says that Kane is just a great big chemical experiment mistake.
Match Number One: Kane versus Wade Barrett
Barrett with a kick and punches to Kane followed by more kicks int eh corner. Barrett is warned by the referee but he continues to kick Kane. Kane with an uppercut and the momentum shifts. Kane with punches followed by an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner. Kane sends Barrett into the turnbuckles and just as Booker comments that maybe Corre needs to get involved, they come to the ring and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Kane by disqualification
As Corre comes to the ring, Kane takes care of Gabriel and Slater but Jackson with a clothesline that takes Kane to the mat. They quadruple team Kane until they see Big Show coming to the ring with a chair. Corre runs away and we go to commercial.
We are back and it appears that a tag match has been set up by Teddy Long (or the Raw General Manager controls the commercial breaks).
Match Number Two: Big Show and Kane versus Heath Slater and Wade Barrett
Show with a forearm to Slater’s back followed by a head butt and a chop in the corner. Show with a slam to Slater and Barrett tags in. Show with forearms to the back and then he punches Barrett in the corner. The referee warns Show so Show changes to a chop. Show puts Barrett in the other corner and he chops Barrett. Show with a running clothesline into the corner and then he grabs Barrett by the throat but Wade escapes the choke slam and Barrett clips Show. Barrett with a series of running boots to the head and Show is on the mat. Barrett with kicks and punches to Show and Slater is tagged back in. Heath punches Show and gets a near fall but Show with an emphatic kick out.
Slater with a reverse chin lock on Show. Show gets to his feet and hits a side slam on Slater to get him out of the hold. Show makes the tag to Kane and Kane goes up top and hits the clothesline and sends Slater into the turnbuckles. Kane with an Irish whip and running clothesline followed by a side slam. Kane knocks Barrett off the apron and then he hits Slater with a big boot.
Kane sets for the choke slam but Gabriel and Jackson come to the ring and the referee calls for the bell.
Winners: Kane and Big Show by disqualification
Corre attacks Kane and Big Show is still on the floor watching the attack. Show goes to get a chair and Corre stops their attack on Kane. Show’s first target is Ezekiel Jackson who gets a chair to the back. Show tosses the chair to Barrett and Wade catches it so Show punches the chair and Barrett goes down. Gabriel and Slater leave the ring before Show can do anything to them.
Show hits Kane in the back with the chair and then shakes it off.
Rey Mysterio makes sure that his mask is securely fastened because he is going to be in a match tonight. We go to commercial.
We are back and Michael Cole calls himself ‘wrestling’s Barbara Walters’ so he will ask the important questions of John Cena tonight. What type of tree will John Cena say that he wants to be?
Booker asks Cole about his special guest referee for his match with Jerry Lawler at Wrestlemania and whether something happened on Raw. We go to the footage from Raw.
Cody Rhodes comes out and he tries to hide his face from his mirror on the TitanTron as well as the fans.
We see the Rhodes family attack on Rey Mysterio from two weeks ago when Rey got suckered by Dusty Rhodes to come to the ring.
Match Number Three: Cody Rhodes versus JTG
Cody is dressed in his street clothes for this match.
Cody punches and kicks JTG but JTG with a shoulder and punch. Rhodes sends JTG into the turnbuckles and then Rhodes with a punch and head butts. JTG appears to be out. Cody hits CrossRhodes for the three count.
Winner: Cody Rhodes
It is time to go to Shawn Michaels’ comments about Triple H and Undertaker and their match at Wrestlemania. Here is part two.
Michael Cole walks to the ring and we go to commercial.
We are back and it is time for the Most Monumental Interview that will probably include the word ‘Poopy’ in modern history . . . if not the history of mankind.
Cole thanks Cena for joining him on his show tonight. He says that the WWE Universe is buzzing about what happened on Raw. We go to the video tape of Miz attacking John Cena and some of Miz’s comments and the AWESOME Elbow.
Cena looks at the Wrestlemania sign before Cole’s first question. Cena takes the mic from Cole and he says that he heard it was going to be the interview of the year. He says that if it is, he wants Cole to turn around and crawl back into the hole he got puked out of.
Cena congratulates Miz for getting one by him. Cena says that he put all of his time and focus into something that doesn’t exist. Miz just made the biggest mistake of his career. Cena says that he has been so caught up in the war of words and was on the edge of his seat like everyone else, but Miz stayed under the radar, stay forgotten about, and then he could cruise into Wrestlemania and maybe have a chance of winning.
Cena says that he is here tonight and he is done dealing with the bs. If Miz wants to be must see and make a statement about being the new face of the WWE? Cena says that his focus has shifted to one new goal. That goal is breaking the face of the WWE.
Cena gives the mic back to Cole and he starts to leave the ring but Cole wants Cena’s attention please because he is not finished with his interview.
Cole asks Cena if he thinks that he is underestimating the Miz. Cole says that maybe Cena is scared that he is going to blow his opportunity at Wrestlemania. Cena won’t get goaded by Cole. Cole says that he isn’t asking Cena to rap to him. He just wants him to answer the question. Maybe Cena can’t answer because Miz shut him up on Monday night.
The shirt comes off (of Cena) and then he approaches Cole who starts to backpedal. Cena grabs Cole by the throat and Jack Swagger comes to the ring. Swagger takes Cena down and he tries to put Cena in the ankle lock but Cena is able to roll through and get away from Swagger. Swagger with forearms to Cena as well as punches. While this is going on, Cole wants Swagger to teach Cena a lesson for dissing him. Cole tells Swagger to ‘put the lock on and teach him about respect’. Swagger tries to put Cena in the ankle lock but Cena gets on his back and he kicks Swagger out of the ring.
Cena gets back to his feet and he goes after Cole again. Cena gets Cole up for the Attitude Adjustment but Swagger pulls Cole off Cena’s shoulders. Cena is able to give Swagger an Attitude Adjustment.
Cole is in shock at what happened because his trainer failed in his mission.
We see the Sin Cara video package.
Match Number Four: Layla with Michelle McCool versus Kaitlyn
They lock up and Kaitlyn pushes Layla to the mat and Layla holds on to the ropes to avoid Kaitlyn but Kaitlyn drops Layla on her back. Layla tries to talk to Michelle but Kaitlyn pulls Layla back into the ring. Michelle gets on the apron and Kaitlyn almost pulls her into the ring but she remembers that she is wrestling Layla. Layla with a kick followed by the Lay Out for the three count.
Winner: Layla
After the match, they put Kaitlyn in the corner and Michelle with a running knee to the back.
We go to commercial with footage from Cody Rhodes’ attack on Rey Mysterio.
We are back and Did You Know a lot of people joined WWE’s Facebook group?
Michael Cole has returned to the announce table and he has the boo boo face because of what John Cena did to him and Jack Swagger.
Match Number Five: Rey Mysterio versus Drew McIntyre
Drew with a boot to Rey and then he punches Rey and kicks him in the head. Drew with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Drew stretches Rey as he works on the back. Rey with kicks but Drew with kicks of his own as he stays in the corner. Drew with an Irish whip but Rey floats over. Rey sends Drew into the ropes with a head scissors but Drew is able to get up before Rey can hit the 619. Rey senses that Drew is going to get out of the way, he slides to the floor as well. Drew charges at Rey and Rey with a drop toe hold that sends Drew into the apron.
Rey kicks Drew in the leg but Drew sends Rey into the ring post when they battle on the apron. Drew uses the apron for a back breaker. Drew tells the announcers that he is going to Wrestlemania and he is going to cripple everyone.
We go to commercial.
We are back and Drew puts Rey in a bow and arrow while Drew keeps his shoulders off the mat. Rey is able to escape and he turns it into a lateral press and he gets a near fall. Drew returns to the back with forearms and then he punches Rey in the back of the head while the referee warns Drew. Drew with a hard Irish whip and Rey goes down hard and Drew gets a near fall.
Drew puts Rey on top and he tries for a suplex or Future Shock DDT from the turnbuckles but Rey knocks Drew off and then he hits a seated splash. Rey tries for a springboard cross body but Drew moves out of the way. Drew rolls Rey up but he can only get a near fall. Drew with an Irish whip but Rey moves out of the way and Drew goes shoulder first into the post. Rey with a kick to Drew and then he hits a 619 followed by a dive from the turnbuckles for the three count.
Winner: Rey Mysterio
After the match, Cody Rhodes comes out and he applauds Rey’s victory. Cody tells Rey that he is still waiting for his answer. Cody does his best to get out of the lights to hide his face.
Rey asks Cody what’s the matter because his daddy ain’t here to conspire against him. Rey tells Cody that he wore his mask with pride before Cody pulled it off his face. Rey says that wears his mask with pride right now. Rey says that he will wear his mask with pride when he beats Cody down at Wrestlemania.
We go to commercial.
We are back and Triple H has brought his water spitting proficiency into the Undertaker’s yard.
Hunter says that the Undertaker was gracious enough on Monday night to remind him what he can do in the ring. Now it is time for Triple H’s video rebuttal.
Hunter says for the last two years, he has seen the two greatest matches at Wrestlemania and they were the two matches involving Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. Unfortunately for Shawn, he lost both matches. Hunter says that he doesn’t know why because Shawn is one of the greatest performers of all time but he could not get it done.
Hunter says that he found out on Monday night when Shawn said that he could not separate the emotion from the matches. He says that Shawn talked about being overwhelmed by the emotion of standing in front of the mountain that is the legacy of the Undertaker. That was Shawn’s Achilles’ Heel. Shawn went into those matches not trying to win, but not to lose.
Hunter says that Shawn pointed out that he has a dark side so Hunter says that he won’t have to deal with the emotion of the match. Hunter says that he has a side that makes him downright mean, vicious, and brutal. A dark side that allows him to do unthinkable things to anyone at any time without any regret, emotion, or remorse.
Hunter says that sounds like a horrible person, but Hunter says that it is true. He will stand in the ring on the grandest stage of them all in the biggest match of his life looking across the ring into the eyes of the greatest legend there has ever been or will ever be in this business.
He says that he will do what no man has ever been able to do before. At Wrestlemania, he will beat the Undertaker.
Hunter says that he will have no emotion and he will not care about the legacy standing in front of him. He will not blink or hesitate in the match. He will not become unglued by things that go bump in the night.
Hunter thanks the Undertaker for making this match No Holds Barred.
Christian is in the locker room getting ready for his match and Matt Striker stops by to get some comments from Christian about reforming his tag team with Edge. Christian points out that it has been ten years. A lot of things can happen in ten years. Christian runs down all of the technological breakthroughs that we have seen in that time. Christian says that we haven’t seen the two guys who started this decade off right. We haven’t seen the two guys who reeked of awesomeness. That was then and this is now. He tells Alberto Del Rio and Houston . . . we have a problem.
Edge stops by and they go to the ring for their match.
Match Number Six: Brodus Clay and Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez versus Edge and Christian
Clay and Christian start things off and Christian with punches to Clay and then he goes after Del Rio. Christian with a kick and punch to Clay as he avoids the big man until Clay can send him into the turnbuckles. Clay misses a charge into the corner and Christian goes to the turnbuckles for a tornado DDT, but Del Rio distracts Christian and Clay is able to connect with a shoulder to stop Christian.
Clay punches Christian and then he hits a t-bone suplex. Christian goes to the floor and Edge goes to check on him. The referee sends Edge back to his corner and Del Rio sends Christian into the ringside barrier. Edge chases Del Rio around the ring and Alberto jumps into the crowd to avoid Edge.
Clay brings Christian back into the ring and Clay hits an elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Clay with a slam and then he tags in Del Rio who kicks Christian in the ribs and he gets a near fall. Del Rio punches Christian and the referee warns him. Del Rio with an arm bar on Christian but Christian gets to his feet and he punches Del Rio. Del Rio stops Christian with kicks and forearms and then he kicks Christian while he is in the ropes and Del Rio gets a near fall. Del Rio takes the tape on Christian’s injured shoulder and he wraps it around the rope.
Del Rio puts Christian on the turnbuckles, but Christian with punches and a kick. Christian with a back elbow off the turnbuckles and both men are down. Both men struggle to make the tag. Clay tags in and so does Edge. Edge with a clothesline followed by a cross body but Clay catches Edge and he hits a power slam but Edge kicks out. Clay with an Irish whip but Clay charges and is sent into the turnbuckles with a drop toe hold. Edge knocks Del Rio off the apron.
Edge pulls at the hair and he sets for the spear but he runs into a shoulder from Clay. Clay pulls Edge into the corner for a running butt splash but Clay misses when Edge moves out of the way. Del Rio interferes with a shot to the back but Christian comes in to take care of Del Rio. Del Rio with a knee and then he sends Christian into the corner. Del Rio charges at Christian but Christian back body drops Del Rio to the floor. Clay charges into boots from Christian and then Christian with a tornado DDT and Edge hits an elbow drop from the top turnbuckle for the three count.
Winners: Edge and Christian
We go to credits with Edge and Christian celebrating in the ring.
2012 - WWE developmental FCW broadcast TV.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:
We begin this week’s show with a look back at last week’s main event when Mike Dalton became the new FCW Heavyweight Champion after defeating Leo Kruger with some help from Road Dogg.
We are live on tape from Tampa, Florida and your announcers are Chris ‘Guavaween’ Russo and William ‘I don’t need a divvy fake holiday nickname’ Regal.
Chris mentions that Steve Keirn has a huge announcement for tonight and William Regal says that he has no idea what it is.
Match Number One: Big E Langston and Alexander Rusev versus CJ Parker and Jason Jordan
Jordan and Langston start things off and Jordan avoids Langston and he gets in some punches and forearms. Parker is tagged in and he hits a double sledge to the shoulder as he continues to work on the arm. Langston with an arm drag and he tags in Rusev. Rusev with a knee but he misses a short arm clothesline. Parker with a drop kick that does not knock Rusev off his feet.
Parker with shoulders in the corner and Jordan is tagged in and he connects with forearms. Parker tags back in and he kicks Rusev. Jordan tags back in and he punches Rusev but Rusev with a knee to the midsection and he tags Langston back in. Jordan tries for a drop toe hold but Langston does not go down.
Jordan with shots to Rusev and Langston. Rusev distracts Jordan and Langston pulls Jordan down. Rusev tags back in and he connects with a forearm. Langston tags in and he splashes Jordan. Langston chokes Jordan in the ropes and Rusev with a shot to Jordan when the referee was not looking.
Langston with a rear chin lock but Jordan with punches and he tries to make the tag but Langston catches Jordan and tosses him towards his corner. Rusev tags back in and he kicks Jordan. Rusev with an elbow followed by a slam and kick. Rusev with a front face lock and Jordan with punches. Rusev goes after Parker and then he misses an elbow drop to Jordan.
Parker tags in and hits a cross body followed by punches. Parker with punches and head butts followed by chops. Parker tries for a sunset flip but Rusev stays on his feet. Rusev tries to drop down but Parker moves. Parker with a drop kick to Rusev for a near fall.
Jordan with a drop kick to Langston and then Parker and Jordan clothesline Langston over the top rope to the floor. Rusev with a uranage and then he goes up top instead of going for the cover. Rusev misses a splash and Parker with a La Magistral for the three count.
Winners: CJ Parker and Jason Jordan
We take a look back at last week when Kenneth Cameron was attacked by Byron Saxton after Cameron’s match.
We go to commercial.
We are back and our next match is scheduled to be Kenneth Cameron versus Byron Saxton, but Byron comes out and his arm is still in the sling.
Saxton does have something to say. He tells Ken that he is really sorry. He says that he went to the doctor and he was informed that for some crazy reason, his shoulder has not fully healed so he is not cleared to wrestle tonight. Byron says that he wants this match as much as Kenneth because he knows the fans want this match.
Sometimes you have to accept reality and reality sucks. He says that he knows that Kenneth wants to compete tonight. Byron says that he has found a suitable replacement. Colin Cassady.
Match Number Two: Kenneth Cameron versus Colin Cassady
Cassady tries to kick Cameron but Kenneth blocks it and he punches and kicks Cassady. Cameron with punches and kicks and the referee warns him. Cassady grabs Cameron by the throat but Cameron grabs Cassady’s head to try to get out of the hold. Cameron avoids the choke slam and he kicks Cassady in the leg. Cameron punches Cassady and then he hits a drop kick.
Cameron with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Cameron yells at Cassady and connects with elbows to the head. Cameron with a quarter nelson and chin lock. Cameron with a European uppercut and then Cameron climbs on Cassady’s back and he tries to choke Cassady out.
Cameron punches Cassady but Cassady pushes Cameron off. Cameron returns to the choke while adding his body weight to Cassady. Cassady runs Cameron into the turnbuckles. Cameron with forearms to the back but Cassady with a back heel kick and back elbows but it enrages Cameron. Cassady chokes Cameron with his boot. Cassady with an Irish whip and side slam for a near fall.
Cassady punches Cameron and then he kicks him. Cassady gets a near fall. Cassady with a reverse chin lock but Cameron with the spinning sit out jaw breaker. Cameron gets ready to finish off Cassady but Saxton gets to the apron and then he removes the sling and connects with an elbow to the back of Cameron and Cassady with a big boot for the three count.
Winner: Colin Cassady
We go to commercial.
Match Number Three: Sofia Cortez versus Audrey Marie
They lock up and Sofia with a kick and wrist lock. Sofia with a leg sweep and Audrey with a take down and she gets a near fall. Sofia with a near fall. Audrey with a hip toss and arm drag and Sofia goes to the apron. Audrey with a forearm but Sofia drops Audrey’s arm on the top rope.
Sofia kicks the arm and slams it into the mat. Sofia with an arm bar and she adds extra pressure to the arm by using her legs for extra leverage. Audrey with a rollup for a near fall. Sofia returns to the arm and she kicks the shoulder and gets a near fall.
Sofia slams Audrey’s head into the mat. Audrey with forearms and then each woman tries to take the other down by the hair and both ladies go down. Audrey with a running back elbow and clothesline. Audrey with a matrix followed by a spinning head scissors. Sofia with a jaw breaker for a near fall.
Sofia returns to the arm and she sends Audrey shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Audrey with a rollup for a near fall. Sofia with a cross body but Audrey catches Sofia and hits a uranage for the three count.
Winner: Audrey Marie
After the match, Paige and Raquel Diaz come out to the ring and Sofia attacks Audrey. Paige and Raquel work over Audrey until Kaitlyn comes out and she pulls Raquel off the apron. Kaitlyn with a drop kick to Paige and then Kaitlyn checks on Audrey.
We go to the interview area where Kassius Ohno is ready to address the fans. Ohno introduces himself and he says that he does not plan to be here for long because he plans on being a WWE Superstar. He says that the scouting reports say that he concusses with his kicks and he KOs with his elbows.
What people don’t realize is how much joy it brings to him to knock out his opponents. Anyone can get a lucky submission or cradle someone to get a one, two, three. It takes a man with real power to knock someone out. It puts a smile on his face. Next week, we will see that power. Next week, the FCW Universe will see Kassius Ohno.
We go to commercial.
We are back and Steve Keirn and Norman Smiley are walking in the back. Chris wants to know if William Regal knows anything.
Norman Smiley and Steve Keirn come to the ring and Steve says that without the FCW Universe, there wouldn’t be a show. He wants Maxine to come to the ring.
Steve tells Maxine that it has been a great show. However, there are a few things that have come to his attention that are a little disturbing. He mentions that Maxine has hired a psychiatrist and everyone on the roster have been telling him their thoughts and secrets. Maxine says that she was told to do that. Steve says that James Bronson isn’t a doctor and he is a bully. Steve tells Maxine that FCW does not revolve around Maxine and her ideas. Steve tells Maxine to turn over all of the notes and personal things that James Bronson has prepared and he wants her to turn it over to Norman.
Norman tells Maxine that she is fired, and then he dances.
Norman and Steve leave the ring and Maxine is in shock in the center of the ring as we go to commercial.
Match Number Four: Leo Kruger versus Mike Dalton for the FCW Heavyweight Championship
Kruger and Dalton have something to say before they lock up and Leo pushes Dalton and backs up before they finally lock up. Dalton with a side head lock and take down. Kruger backs Dalton into the ropes and Kruger punches Dalton. Kruger kicks Dalton in the corner. Dalton with an enzuigiri and Kruger goes to the floor.
Dalton with a forearm to Kruger on the apron and Kruger goes to the floor. Dalton with a baseball slide and then he sends Kruger back into the ring. Dalton with a cross body and he gets a near fall. Kruger with a double thrust to the throat followed by European uppercuts. Kruger with forearms while trapping the arms. Kruger with a forearm for a near fall.
Kruger with a suplex for a near fall. Kruger with a rear chin lock and a knee in Dalton’s back. Dalton punches Kruger but Kruger with knees and then he chokes Dalton in the ropes. Kruger with a short arm clothesline and then he picks up Dalton and hits a second short arm clothesline. Kruger with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.
Kruger traps the arms and then Dalton backs Kruger into the corner. Dalton with shoulders in the corner but Kruger with a kick. Kruger with a double sledge to the back and then he returns to the rear chin lock. Dalton with a rollup for a near fall.
Dalton with more near falls to Kruger but Kruger is able to kick out. Kruger throws Dalton to the floor and we go to commercial.
We are back and Kruger has Dalton on the apron and he applies a sleeper. The referee warns Kruger but Kruger brings Dalton into the ring. Kruger releases the hold. Dalton with an inside cradle for a near fall but Kruger slams Dalton’s head into the mat. Kruger punches Dalton in the head.
Kruger returns to the sleeper but Dalton drops down and tries for a rollup but Kruger counters and hits a sit out front driver and gets a near fall. Kruger goes to the top but he is met with a drop kick. Dalton rolls over and gets a near fall. Dalton gets to his feet first and he connects with an elbow and then hits a few running forearms followed by a spinning heel kick. Dalton misses a leaping back elbow. Kruger tries for a spinebuster but Dalton with a sunset flip to counter.
Dalton with the Impaler DDT but Kruger gets his foot on the rope to stop the count. Kruger with a rollup and a handful of tights for a near fall. Kruger hot shots Dalton and Dalton sets up for a Maple Leaf. Kruger gets to the ropes and Dalton releases the hold. Kruger with the sleeper and Dalton tries to get out of the hold. He tries to use the turnbuckles to flip over but it does not work. Dalton backs Kruger into the turnbuckles a few times and then he gets to the ropes and the hold is released.
Kruger reapplies the sleeper and then he adds the body scissors. Dalton is fading but he is able to get back to his feet. Kruger pulls Dalton back to the mat and adds the body scissors again. The referee checks the arm and after one arm drop, he calls for the bell.
Winner: Leo Kruger
We go to credits.
2012 - WWE Raw ran Buffalo, NY.  Dave M. filed the following results:
First Niagara Center was almost to capacity. Top section was empty. The crowd was hot for everything! Even hotter than a TV taping. Matches were almost identical the house shows of the past few days.
The started off with the RAW opening. It was nice and made the house show seem like an important event.
-We were welcomed by Justin Roberts
-Santino Marella pinned Jack Swagger after a Cobra to retain the US Title. Santino was way over with the crowd.
-Ryback defeated JTG via pinfall
-The Bella Twins defeated Eve & Kelly Kelly via pinfall. Towards the end of the match Eve walked out on Kelly Kelly causing the loss
-MIZ PROMO: who runs down Buffalo and the crowd. (Note to Miz: When you heel the restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings, we the people of Buffalo will AGREE with you! Their wings suck when compared to Anchor Bar & Duffs. We know our wings and there’s a reason we don’t like Buffalo Wild Wings chain) R-Truth came out and ran down the Miz for his breathe and stupidity. Great back and forth match with R-Truth defeated The Miz via pinfall
-Chris Jericho defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall (Codebreaker)
-JOHN CENA VIDEO PROMO: Cena promotes his match at WrestleMania and promotes his match for tonight: a last man standing match against Kane.
-Primo and Epico with Rosa defeated Alex Riley and Mason Ryan to retain the Tag Team Titles (backstabber to Mason Ryan) Riley took most of the abuse in the match. He made the hot tag to Mason who suplexed both Primo & Epico in a great power move. Riley & Mason were way over with the crowd.
-John Cena defeated Kane last man standing match. Kane put Cena through a table in the corner of the ring and Cena ended up with the win by incapacitating Kane by giving him the Attitude Adjustment through another table in the middle of the ring. Cena took most of the bumps in this match.
-CM Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE Title in a best 2 out of 3 falls match. Ziggler took off the corner turnbuckle-slammed Punk into it and got the first fall. Punk got the second fall after a Macho Man elbow drop from the top rope. There was a ref bump and Jericho came running down to ringside. He dropped Punk with a codebreaker and the ref made a very slow 2 count. Punk got the third fall after a kick to Jericho’s head and gave the GTS. To Ziggler.
Ryan & Riley
Swagger (and not in a god way but X-Pac heat)

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