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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-13 09:59:00

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Can we see a situation at WM where Punk and Taker beat each other up to the point where neither can answer a 10 count? Taker doesn't lose and neither does Punk. Wouldn't that help Punk in the long run instead of losing for a third consecutive PPV?

I don't see any chance of that happening.  Zero.  There will be a finish.

While I love the concept of Old School RAW, I’m not really interested in seeing guys I grew up watching coming out for a beatdown. Totally understand you can’t book any of the legends to come out and whip a current member of the roster (usually). Why not have a couple of the alumni have a match against each other? It’s not like RAW features a lot of long matches any way. Let a couple legends have a 5-minute match, do a couple nostalgia spots, have a quick “feel good” moment before moving on.

I think the problem with the show is that it fell during the build to WrestleMania, where things are "serious".  Because of that, WWE was in "make the guys in the big matches" mode and the older guys fell victim to that.  I wouldn't mind a five minute match with the older guys but honestly after seeing Ric Flair work lately I am not clamoring for it either.

Who had the most saying regarding the decision that CM Punk will face Undertaker at WrestleMania? Vince McMahon? Undertaker? I read, that Taker respects Punk a lot, is that true? Punk himself? And what was the final reason? In some way Punk's contract? The fact, that he was WWE champion for so long and should be in the Main Event but unfortunately, he is not, so as a result he "must" face Taker? The bodies of the other Wrestler in the Fatal Four Way seems to be more suitable to Taker, therefore more believable? I think, you get my point.

You could say that The Rock did, because he wanted to work against John Cena at Mania.  After that, Vince McMahon decided to have Undertaker work Punk.  Both guys are on board with it but honestly I can't see Punk being happy to be out of the main event at Mania again.

I was sad this morning to hear about William Moody's (Paul Bearer or Percy Pringle) passing. I was a long-time fan. Since there is still time to do so, do you think the WWE should induct him in the HOF in 2013? If they do, would Taker make an exception in his unwritten rule about not attending the HOF? It seems to me like the timing is right to do it this year. Any thoughts?

I have thought about it a lot and I think that they should wait on this.  Percy just died and there is no rush to get him in there (where he obviously belongs).  His family is still dealing with his passing so I would give them time to grieve and put Percy in at a later date, perhaps when The Undertaker is inducted.

I was watching the Ricky Steamboat vs. Ric Flair match from 2 April 1989 on WWE vintage yesterday, and realized just how much I love those epic battles with great stories from days gone by. I was wondering why we never seem to get that type of match these days, and whether you blame the attention span of the fans or the lack of ability in modern day wrestlers to compete for that long with sending us all to sleep.

We still get longer matches on PPVs but yeah not so much on TV.  The lack of attention span is part of the reason, as is WWE wanting to make everything go at a faster pace on TV.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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