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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-12 09:59:00

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What is going on with the Urban wrestling group that ran shows in New York last year? I haven't heard anything about them for awhile.

They are on hiatus.  We haven't heard when, or if, they will run again.  Their website is still up but they haven't run a show since last year.

This contest between Josh Reddick and Daniel Bryan has got me thinking of a problem with it. Bryan says he will shave his beard if he loses but doesn't he have to get the WWE's permission to do that?

Bryan would probably have to clear it with WWE but if it gets enough publicity, I don't see it being an issue.

Regarding Dolph Ziggler. Am I the only person who sees the WWE do this with EVERY MITB winner? They job them out for months and then put the belt on them. They did it with Daniel Bryan, Edge, even Punk. It just seems like you have to pay your dues for winning that briefcase by spending most of the next year putting people over, than you get rewarded.

They haven't done it to everyone, but they have done it way too often.  I don't get what they are thinking either.  It makes no sense because if the guy wins the Title, he doesn't seem credible.

Do you believe, and I sincerely hope not, that with the passing of Paul Bearer, R.I.P., that the WWE will incorporate that into the Punk-Undertaker storyline heading into Wrestlemania? As a wrestling fan I sincerely hope not since he seemed so important to so many. My condolences to his family.

I am typing this on Sunday, before Raw.  I will say this, I really, really hope not.  I would love to see a spot at the end of Mania where Undertaker raises the urn to the sky after his match, perhaps after Kane brings it out, but that is all I want to see.  Percy was a great guy and I want his memory treated with respect, not be made part of an angle.  If they do it, it will be the old, "Percy would have wanted it" or been fine with it.  Maybe he would have.  But that doesn't mean they couldn't have just been classy.

Following on from the calling matches in the ring question. Something I've been meaning to mention which in the last year has become completely obvious is that the wrestlers are clearly talking to each other in the ring & not even hiding it. Why has this happened? Its been clearly noticeable since Rock v Cena Part 1 & getting worse. Is it sloppiness or more TV Camera intrusion causing this?.

I think it's a combination of HD cameras picking more up and also WWE not caring to make it "look real" the way that they used to. 

In response to people picking on Stu Carapola's Impact reports, Sean H. sent this.

I’m kind of getting annoyed with all of the people ripping on Stu’s written reports. He does a fantastic job, and I especially look forward to reading them, chiefly because of the reasons they dislike his work. I’m surprised that they haven’t mentioned Mike’s PPV reports because he also injects his opinion into them. I enjoy Richard’s just-the-facts-ma’am style, but sometimes it’s better to get an expert’s opinion/commentary in the reports. Maybe I’m just lazy like that. But, hey, I come here to be entertained. If I wanted to know what happened move-by-move, I’d watch the darn shows.

Kudos to Stu, Mike and Rich for keeping wrestling entertaining (to read about, at least). And to you for running the show but letting them do their own thing. I hope somewhere Vince is watching.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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