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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-11 09:59:00

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Is it just me, or since Brock Lesnar returned does he look a little soft around the mid section?

I wouldn't exactly say soft.  He has dealt with a lot of internal issues and that does make it harder to get a six pack.  Plus, he is older now as well.  He still looks like a monster to me!

After seeing the most recent TNA Gutcheck women’s match and this week’s decision regarding whom to send home, what do you think the chances are of Ivalisse becoming the first female member of the Aces and Eights – or would that make too much sense? Great job on the site as always – it’s greatly appreciated.

She definitely got screwed over in the voting so it wouldn't shock me at all if Taz uses his clout in the group to bring her in.  She definitely deserves a contract.

Are the pre-taped TNA shows stand alones or will they be integrated into storylines? The reason I ask is that I the next couple of weeks they will be taping another set, one of which is a Heavyweight title tournament where they are taking former champs and crown the best of them all. How do you do that without AJ Styles? My answer is that you can't. So, are we looking at 'independent' PPVs or will AJ be back soon?

They are pretty much standalones.  Keep in mind that since they will air later, they could always bring someone in who is out in the storylines now, as long as he/she is not when it airs then.  With that said, AJ said he is coming to TV this week so it should be a moot point.

Hey guys. First off, just wanna say I've been an Elite for some years and even during the times when I'm unemployed, the money I pay to be an Elite member is paramount to me. You all give enormous value to the business. Keep moving forward men!  I have the opportunity to run my own indy show. I have been an indy worker/ref for the past 8+ years and have a good grasp of the characters I will encounter when trying to run a start up. Given all the shady promoters I've worked with, even as far as staging an ambulance escape to avoid paying the boys, I really know what NOT to do. Paying my performers and being completely professional is on top of the list of how I plan to conduct my show. Do you have any advice to run a smooth show in the back and for the spectators?

Thanks for the support, first off.  We appreciate it and it keeps us in business.  My best advice would be to be honest and up front with people.  Tell them what they will be paid and what you expect.  But sadly, also be ready to be held up for more money.  It happens with some guys, sadly.  There is often other drama as well that you may have to deal with.  Best case scenario, the talent acts as professionally as you do.  Worst case, they ruin your show.  My best advice is research everyone.  Whoever has been a problem in the past, avoid them like the plague.

I was wondering what you guys think about the evolution of Rybak? I've grown to look forward to his matches and compare his build to the of Miz and MVP that in the beginning fans were more like oh you've got to be kidding me to now they've begun to like the character.  Looking at the crowds there are more fans wearing his shirts and merchandise.  Looking at his recent matches on Raw. I didn't like that it was against Dolph but I loved the match because it showed Rybak as a monster who can turn the tide when outnumbered and his match against Cesaro. I noticed that the fans started by chanting Goldberg but by the end of the match were yelling Feed me more! Personally I'd love to see him have a run as the Smackdown heavyweight champion maybe against guys like Orton or Sheamus. Do you guys think he will make it that far?

I think that they have booked him well so far and he has grown with his push.  I could definitely see him winning either of the top titles down the road.  I think it makes sense.  WWE needs top guys so they should put him in the spot and see if he can run with it. 

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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