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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-10 09:59:00

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So I just read your Q&A and I have to agree with the other guy, your coverage of TNA is bias, I don't really care if that's the gentleman's writing style it's still negative and when reading the coverage it comes across as if he hates the show or the the fact that he has to write about TNA. I'd much rather enjoy the by the books for my results, your reporting wrestling news, which would be the facts not this guys opinion, I really hope that first email, sparks people attention there, and thank you for having the courage to reply to the first email, most people would of swept it under the rug, but my question is can they switch or can his boss talk to him about just covering the show?

It never comes across to me that Stu "hates the show" when I read his report.  He is just having fun and making some corny jokes, which I can appreciate it.  He certainly gives Impact a lot of praise when we do our show on Friday.  I don't see what you see with his reports.  Since I am the boss, I get to make the final call here.  I think Stu does a great job, as does Richard Trionfo.  Doing TV reports is a thankless job.  I have no problem if the guys throw some attempts at humor in the mix to amuse themselves. 

Are the performers who take part in the Gut Check matches already under developmental contracts with TNA or are they literally getting a shot at making the big time out of no where? Secondly, now that TNA is taking Impact on the road; will they seek out local talents for the Gut Check opportunities?

They are really trying to win a contract when they compete in Gut Check.  I absolute expect TNA to use their new touring schedule as a way to look at local talent.  It is very cost effective and the concept is one that they are committed to.

Since the new year it seems that every up and coming heel in the WWE is being booked as a loser. Ziggler, Rhodes, Barrett, Cesaro, Sandow all continually lose. Granted it's often to the face main eventers, but still. Notable exceptions to the rule are the Shield and lately Swagger. My question is do you know why they do this? Aren't these the guys they want to build on for the future? If it were one or two I could see that being a temporary thing, but when it's all of them at the same time it seems to be a policy decision. And I just don't get it

I have no idea at all.  It makes no sense to me either.  I think if they book someone to come across as weak, that is exactly how it will come across.  The fact of the matter is in order for people to get behind the babyfaces, the guys that they are fighting have to be credible.  It's an essential part of building drama in matches.  So I am just as lost on this situation as you are.

I know this may sound far fetched but given that Zack Ryder is verbally destroying Vince McMahon and WWE creative, could they be setting up another "pipe bomb" except for Zack Ryder?

That would be the absolute best case scenario here.  I hope that is the case but I would put the odds of that being so at less than 50/50.

How are you today? Was just reading the Q & A section and saw that Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder were advised that they should ask for their release if they were placed in the dark match at Wrestlemania as it would mean that the party was over for them. My first question is why? Ric Flair competed in the Wrestlemania dark match well into his 50s and then went on to have a Wrestlemania largely centered around him. At any rate, I would think that they should hold onto their substantial salaries for as long as possible. My second question is about Ziggler. Why is everybody so upset by the way he is being booked? He has more camera time than anybody else, doesn't that bold well for him? Are they not booking him into a similar role of a Chris Jericho where losses don't tarnish his mystique? I personally would not book him to lose so often but they did the exact same thing with Daniel Bryan and he has arguably gotten over more than any other performer has over the past 18 months. Doesn't that bode well for Ziggler?

I am fine, thanks for asking.  Ziggler has carried the briefcase since last summer and all he has done is lose, often with the advantage on his side.  If you were him, supposedly next in line for the World Title, would you feel good about your position?  I sure wouldn't.  I can't argue with you about money, and I respect everyone's right to make it.  But I am looking down the road.  If there is no upward mobility for me, I would want to move on.  That's just how I am.  I think comparing him to Jericho doesn't hold.  Jericho was a top star for years before they did the bit where he couldn't win the big one anymore.  Other than getting the briefcase, they have never booked Ziggler TO win the big one.  Bryan, one of the best technicians in the world, has had to get over as a comedy character after they booked him so badly.  It's a nice spot and all but he could do so much more.  I wouldn't aspire to that level if I were Ziggler either.  The problem I have is that WWE is devoid of top guys so it makes sense to try to make new ones.  But instead, they keep booking up and coming guys poorly.  That's my complaint in a nutshell. 

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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