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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-09 10:00:00
Has WWE eliminated women's wrestling matches on Raw? For the last three or so weeks in a row there have been no women's matches on Raw. No match featuring the Divas champion Kaitlyn.

No, you are over-reacting. They've just had the women on the other shows.

Why isn't RVD on Lockdown?

Creative obviously had other plans in mind.

Whatever happened to former TNA star Desmond Wolfe?

He's in Ring of Honor as their Commissioner using his former ring name of Nigel McGuinness, will be involved with the new Wrestling Cares Association in Los Angeles and recently produced a documentary on the end of his in-ring career that you can and should order at

So Im watching Raw and they show their promo for wrestlemania with the song "Im coming home" personal opinion is that the WWE is best in the world at making video montages, but using Rap and Hip-hop songs really does them no favors. They always used to use Rock songs and it made them seem more...whats the word...intense...I get that rap and hip hop are the big thing now, but it just makes the feuds seem weak...thoughts?

I think they are trying to tap into different demographics based on the music they are using. Does that music make the feuds weak? Absolutely not. It's all about picking the right song for the circumstance. It may be that you don't personally approve of the style of music, but there are others out there who swear by rap and hip hop as their favorite musical style and that's why WWE is trying to get to identify with the spots.

So this past Impact, Kurt Angle makes it into the Club House and ends up unmasking the leader of Aces & Eights, now as this was being played off as live, it puts it into a no logical chance scenario for Bully Ray to be the leader. So did they drop the ball on this one?

No, they revealed the VICE President. The President is who the big reveal needs to be.

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