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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-08 10:00:15
I?ve been a fan of your site for some time now, and something has been eating at me for awhile. Why the bias towards the TNA results? I read in your Q and A that people want TNA to advance as a company, yet the reports have comments, inappropriate jokes, and conjecture that you NEVER seen in a WWE report. How can people who read the results on PWinsider become fans if your own reporters consistently disrespect the company? I know they have and are still doing some mind boggling things, but as a young company its still entertaining. So why the bias in the reports?

There is no bias whatsoever. I think the difference is that Stu Carapola often throws in some commentary on his TNA reports while Richard Trionfo is very much "by the books" in his WWE reports. If the two switched assignments, I am pretty sure we'd get the same question asking why we are biased against WWE. We aren't. They just have different ways of approaching the reports and each have their own positives.

I just read the RVD interview you posted where he says WCW wanted him for the Glacier gimmick. This was the first time I've heard that. Is that why it took forever for Glacier to debut after the initial promos? Please don't tell me WCW started promoting a gimmick they didn't have a wrestler signed to play, ala The Black Scorpion.

No, by the time the promos debuted, it was going to be Ray Lloyd in the role. The debut kept getting pushed back because they didn't want it to be overshadowed by the NWO. As it turned out, the hype became too much and the eventual debut was indeed a big letdown.

Hey there. Congrats on the 10 years... I couldn't NOT use or rely on your site, and love the hard work you guys do. First time I have ever sent in a question for Q&A, and it revolves around Johnny Curtis' new gimmick fAAAAAndAAAAAngOOOOOO. I think it is a great chance to work (if Vince pushes him right, which is always the trick). But, why would they use a name that is a Movie Ticket Company's name. Did they have to clear legal hoops to be able to? And again, it just seems weird they use a name that is already used for something completely different. Thanks, and here is to 10 more awesome years for PWInsider.

First of all, thank you but we'll be celebrating our tenth in January! As far as Fandango, I am guessing that WWE legal vetted out the name and gave it some approval. I don't think anyone is really going to assume the guy dancing on Raw and not wrestling is the same guy who they get their movie tickets from online.

If I understand correctly these "One Night Only" PPV's that TNA is taping next week will be airing throughout the year internationally and on demand in place of their previously scheduled live PPV's. So am I to understand that the shows taped later this month will be airing as late as November and December?! While cost efficient this doesn't seem like the wisest move to me. What if someone appearing on these shows goes to WWE, or dies, or commits murder? Has that possibility been addressed internally at TNA?

They are being taped in a way that their storylines will start and end with those three hours. They are being produced because TNA needs to provide programming internationally and they are only on PPV because they didn't get a domestic broadcast for them. If someone goes to WWE, they will still just broadcast the show. If someone dies or commits a heinous crime, it's easy - they either edit the show or they film something else to replace it, just as any other TV production would.

Is Extreme Rising and Barbed Wire City documentary being run by the same person?

No. Steve O'Neill who is pretty much the guy running Rising is the Executive Producer on Barbed Wire City but he isn't behind the creative or film. It's owned by the director/producer duo of Kevin Kiernan and John Philapavage.

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