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By Joshua Higham on 2013-03-08 09:04:53

For the first time, a Chikara event will be held in the Sunshine State. They head first to the Orpheum, taking over the normal home for Shine Wrestling and Full Impact Pro for the evening. Two title matches, an intergender dream match, and an appearance by the nWo and DX member, Sean Waltman, highlight the card. Then, the Chikara caravan travels a bit to the northeast to Orlando. A defense of the Grand Championship and several heated contests are in store for Orlando.

Chikara presents “Just Shadows in the Fog” Friday, March 8, 2013 at the Orpheum in Tampa, FL. Belltime is 7:30 pm. 

Two out of Three Falls for los Campeonatos de Parejas:
3.0 vs. Devastation Corporation

For the second time in less than a year, 3.0 has made it to the promised land, beating the Young Bucks in Easton for los Campeonatos de Parejas. Their first challengers are Sidney Bakabella’s monsters, Devastation Corporation, who gained their third point at the Under the Hood iPPV in December. The Devastation Corporation has torn through their competition with the imposing size and strength; most of the opponents they’ve defeated, however, were not familiar faces to Chikara fans. Devastation Corporation has picked up impressive wins in the Wrestling is Fun and Wrestling is Awesome companies, including a win over 3.0 in New York in December.

Eddie Kingston vs. Amazing Kong

The reigning Chikara Grand Champion takes on Amazing Kong, making her first appearance in Chikara in over two and a half years. The former TNA Knockouts Champion and WWE Diva is ramping up her post-WWE career, appearing mostly for Shine and Resistance Pro, where she is the current Women’s Champion. Kingston could use some momentum for his tenth title defense the next night in Orlando. Which competitor will unleash their famed backfist first?

For the Young Lions Cup:
Mark Angelosetti vs. Jakob Hammermeier

Mark Angelosetti defends his Young Lions Cup for a fourth time against a new look Jakob Hammermeier. After his break-up with Veronica, Angelosetti took to the Chikara blog to promise a new Mr. Touchdown, resolving to be a better teammate to his partner Dasher Hatfield. Jakob Hammermeier had his hair cut in Reading by his mentor, Tim Donst, but then defeated Gran Akuma in Easton.

Hallowicked vs. Sean Waltman

Sean Waltman returns to the Chikara ring after failing in his attempt to win the Campeonatos de Parejas in December. This time, he’s facing one of the most decorated  graduates of the Chikara Wrestle Factory, Hallowicked. Hallowicked has won almost every accolade Chikara has to offer, most recently winning the King of Trios in September.  Match preview.

Gran Akuma vs. Johnny Gargano

Gran Akuma was kicked out of FIST and disappeared from Chikara in July 2010. His replacement (and the instigator of the banishment) was Johnny Gargano, who has become a two-time Campeon de Parejas in his tenure in FIST. Gran Akuma has something to prove to the guy that took his spot. Akuma pinned Gargano last April in Chicago Ridge when Akuma had to defeat FIST in a handicap match in his quest to win his roster spot back.

Four Corner Elimination:
Mike Quackenbush & Green Ant vs. FIST (Icarus & Sugar Dunkerton) vs. The Batiri (Kobald & Kodama) vs. Jigsaw & The Shard

Three points are on the line, and only the new team of Jigsaw and the Shard come in with a point. Icarus and Sugar still have not gelled as a team. Kobald and Kodama aren't the usual duo coming from the Batiri, but have plenty of experience and familiarity together. Quack and Green Ant have teamed before on occasion, but Quack's focus will probably be on his former protege, Jigsaw. Only twice has a team run the table and taken all three points in a four corner elimination match like this, but that's the goal for all these teams.

Soldier Ant, ???, ???, and ??? vs. Saturyne, Dasher Hatfield, Fire Ant, & assailANT

Soldier Ant walked out on his Swarm partner, deviANT, last month in Reading. Wink Vavasseur, the current Director of Fun, finally relented about Soldier Ant’s spot on the Swarm. Now, Vavasseur will pick three wrestlers, and Soldier Ant will be the leader of this new quartet. This new group will face off with a foursome of tecnicos, including Soldier Ant’s former partner, Fire Ant, and his former partner’s new partner, assailANT.

Archibald Peck vs. Obariyon

Archibald Peck shocked the world at the Under the Hood iPPV when he revealed himself to be the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger. He picked up two wins in February, defeating Mr. Touchdown in a no disqualification match and Tim Donst by disqualification. In Tampa, he faces Obariyon. Peck feels he's living on borrowed time as his character has traveled through time, so wins and losses may matter more than they have in the past for him. One has to wonder if Veronica will make her presence felt.

Chikara presents “Watchmaker” Saturday, March 9, 2013 at the Orlando Downtown Rec Center in Orlando, FL. Belltime is 7 pm. 

For the Chikara Grand Championship:
Eddie Kingston vs. Green Ant

Making Eddie Kingston submit in a match is no easy task, something not many people have done. In Reading, Green Ant locked in the cloverleaf and forced Eddie Kingston to quit in a non-title match. For that, Green Ant becomes the number one contender and the tenth challenger for the Grand Championship. The targets are Kingston's body are growing, his knee and shoulder giving him trouble in February. With the title on the line, there is no way Kingston will tap as quickly as he did in Reading. Kingston has held the Grand Championship for almost sixteen months, and even if Green Ant fails to take it, Wink Vavasseur is determined to crown a new champion.

Mike Quackenbush and Fire Ant vs. Jigsaw and the Shard

Mike Quackenbush teams with Fire Ant to take one the self-proclaimed Dream Team, Jigsaw and the Shard. Jigsaw turned on his former mentor in November in New York City after The Shard defeated Fire Ant with an ankle lock. The Shard continued to attack the ankle, bringing Quack and Jigsaw to the ring. Quack confronted Jigsaw about their recent issues and ate a superkick for his troubles. A point is at stake, but this is highly personal. The war between Chikara and GEKIDO continues.

3.0, Gran Akuma, Dasher Hatfield, and Saturyne vs. Devastation Corporation and FIST (Icarus, Johnny Gargano, and Sugar Dunkerton)

Chikara loves the multi-person matches, and Orlando will see 10-person craziness. BooyAkuma (as some fans call them) joins forces with Dasher Hatfield and Saturyne to take on the monstrous Devastation Corporation and FIST. This will be the first time that Sidney Bakabella’s charges have been scheduled to team with others, so it will be interesting to see how Max and Blaster work with Icarus and Johnny Gargano who don’t work well with Sugar Dunkerton. The tension between former teammates Dasher Hatfield and Sugar Dunkerton rose greatly in Easton last month, so that will be a moment to watch, if they ever square off.

Archibald Peck vs. Tim Donst

Their match in Easton ended with a blatant foul, a disqualification win for Archibald Peck. But more interestingly, Veronica left the arena with Tim Donst while Jakob Hammermeier followed behind. Peck wants to put Veronica in his past for good, and at the same time, get retribution for the kick to the groin on one condition: “a fair fight and clear skies with no chance of Veronica.” It’s doubtful he’ll get that.

Soldier Ant, ???, ???, & ??? vs. Ophidian and The Batiri

Soldier Ant gets a second chance to lead his new quartet into battle. Instead of a motley crew of tecnicos they face in Tampa, the new foursome will take on the well-oiled machine of Delirious’ army. With less than 24 hours together as a team, Soldier Ant’s team will have to work to be anywhere near as cohesive a group as The Batiri and Ophidian have become in the last nine months. However, at all recent events, wherever Ophidian has competed, the spectre of Amasis has been seen, and every time has negatively affected the slightly unstable Ophidian.

assailANT vs. Mark Angelosetti

assailANT has begun to be accepted by the Chikarmy and into the Colony by his partners. “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti recently promised an attitude change after being called out by Dasher Hatfield for not having his back. Veronica is out of Mr. Touchdown's life now, and Mr. Touchdown blames her bad influence for his nefarious ways. A win over the Young Lions Cup Champion (as of this writing) would be huge for the big blue ant.

Hallowicked vs. Jakob Hammermeier

On the Chikara blog, Jakob Hammermeier has blamed Hallowicked for Tim Donst’s current mental state. Since last summer, Tim Donst has been increasingly abusive to Hammermeier, who considers Donst his mentor and BFF, culminating in Donst cutting Hammermeier’s hair in Reading last month. In that same blog, Hammermeier praises Hallowicked as a superior wrestler and doesn’t necessarily expect to win. Hammermeier doesn’t want a pinfall; he wants a “pound of flesh.”

Oliver Grimsly vs. Eddie Graves

Chikara comes to Florida with a showcase match of local talent. Representing QWEST, Oliver Grimsly will take on Eddie Graves. Both are graduates of the Team 3D Academy, wrestling most of their careers in the Florida area. Oliver Grimsly competed in last month’s Rey de Voladores tournament at National Pro Wrestling Day. They know each other well. They’ve squared off one-on-one at least twice in the last six months, splitting the decisions in different promotions.


For both events, arrive early enough, and participate in Billy Kumohara’s “Quiz Present Crisis Battle” before getting into the building.

For tickets, go see the man (or woman) at the door. Front row tickets are $40. Ringside tickets are $25. General admission tickets are $20. Kids 12 & under can get in free with a paying adult.

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