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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-07 10:00:27
I see WWE is looking for a new VP of Creative. Does that mean Stephanie is out?

NO. This would be someone working under her. She and Triple H pretty much oversee everything at this point.

DDP Yoga - reality or carny fad?

I can only speak of those I know who have tried it and just about everyone has praised it. I think like anything else that is meant to help your health, if you follow the diet and workout regimen, you will see results. I think DDP has done a hell of a lot to help people and I don't think calling it a carny fad is really fair to him at all.

Whatever happened to ROH's Izzy and Dixie?

The Special K members are living in New Jersey and have jobs outside of the industry. Every now and then, Dixie pops up at a show to visit the boys, but like a lot of other indy guys, as they get older, if they aren't making money in the business, it's time to grow up and move on. Everyone has to feed their families.

Who was the greatest ROH champion ever?

In my mind, it was and always will be Samoa Joe. Joe defined Ring of Honor during a time they needed someone to carry that belt and raise it's awareness. He was the champ during the worst time period of the company's run, when it appeared it was going to fall apart, had an "aura" of being champion much like Ric Flair and Harley Race had for the NWA (although obviously on a much smaller scale) and had a great series of matches and promos. Joe was the man. No one, with all due respect to a great bunch of champions, has ever defined ROH like Samoa Joe did as champion. I just wish he had been given the chance to do the same in TNA.

I was curious who are the wrestlers you'd like to see write a book?

There are a bunch actually. Off the top of my head, with no rhyme or reason: Ron Garvin, Don Muraco, Pat Patterson, Les Thatcher, CM Punk, Jeff Jarrett and Eric Embry all come to mind.

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