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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-06 09:59:00

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I love the Old School Raw concept, but it seems to be very predictable. It seems like every year a heel looking to build up heat before Wrestlemania goes out and stomps some old-timers, but am I the only one who wanted to hear the drum roll and bagpipes sound out at the end of the segment and have Piper and a group of legends run Swagger off? Secondly, shouldn't they have booked the beat down to be far more vicious in order to get maximum heat? And shouldn't they have had Swagger beat down someone like Mil Mascaras or another Mexican legend given his racial storyline with Del Rio?

No, Roddy Piper wanted to hear it too.  He was lobbying hard to appear on Twitter.  But no, if Swagger is going for the World Title, he has to be booked strongly going into Mania.  He can't be run off by old guys.  I can't see Mil, given his stature, doing that.

With the Million Dollar Man gimmick and the millions of dollars gimmick having such a logical connection is it crazy to think Ted could manage PTP. Also when Cena was quoting Tyson was I silly to think the quote was going to be, "everyone's a tough guy till they get hit in the mouth" and a brawl ensuing?

It wouldn't be a bad idea to give PTP someone of importance to help get him over.  They have done with Zeb and Swagger, and Ric Flair and Miz.  But WWE would have be behind them to do it.  I am not sure they are.  I thought Cena, if was going to quote someone, should have used Flair's "To be the man you've gotta beat the man".

With some in WWE worried about another Punk PPV loss at WM to Taker, what do you think about a 60 minute time limit draw that gets restarted for an extra 10 minutes not just once but 3 times and still ending in a draw?

I see myself winning the WWE Title before I see The Undertaker going 90 minutes.

Do you see TNA spinning the Bully Ray - Hogan angle to be that they put the title on Bully to have him turn on Hogan to reunite with Devon & Aces & 8s?

That is THE ONLY thing I see that makes any sense at all.

It was reported that Punk Cena called their match on Raw Monday. I have noticed that this is happening more on Raw. I like when this happens and gives a different flow and adds some "realism" to the match. Is this a product of HHH being more in charge? Will we see this more in the future?

I like it too but it was more a situation of two guys with a lot of leeway taking advantage of it.

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