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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-03 09:59:00

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I often hear people in the industry described as having "a great mind for the business" or something to that effect. Of course, that phrase can mean a lot of different things since it isn't very specific. So, in your own interpretation, what traits or qualities do people exhibit that would cause you to describe them as having a great mind for the business?

To me it's all about being able to tell a great story.  That can be in the ring with how a guy works a match or in the back when a person is writing the storyline.  A mind for the business is about being able to tell great stories and get characters over.

Am I the only one who is really annoyed by Lillian Garcia? yea, she's pretty, but the woman speaks perfect English...until she announces someone from another country. And no matter what country they are from, she uses a Hispanic accent. And what's worse, and even more annoying, is that the woman cannot pronounce the word "championship". Really...Really?

Yes, you are indeed the only one on the planet that gets really annoyed by her.  The rest of the people only get mildly annoyed.  Seriously, she IS HISPANIC!  Come on already!

Now I'm not denying Kurt Angle's talent in the ring but watching him recently on TNA, is it me or can he not sell bumps these days?

I think Kurt's bumps have a directly proportional relationship to how high up on the card the guy that he is working with is.  When he is in main event matches, he sells like there is no tomorrow.

Let's say that one of the TNA wrestlers who appeared on one of the taped PPVs for later this year gets released or their contract expires. WWE or ROH picks them up and now has them appear regularly on TV, even though the TNA PPV hasn't aired yet. Knowing that most wrestlers have it in their contract that they cannot appear on TV of a competitor, does this still apply to said wrestler, even with their PPV participation being taped? Could this be problematic for TNA or WWE and ROH? Would WWE and ROH be within right to allow that wrestler to appear on their TV programming? And do you think TNA would/should cut that match of said wrestler from the PPV if this scenario should happen?

TNA signs workers to contracts that state that they have the right to air the show.  The day that they were taped, they worked for TNA not ROH or WWE.  So, there is no issue with TNA airing the footage.

Is it some sort of tradition, running gag or rib that the Spanish announce table be broken at every PPV in the WWE?

Yeah, it has become one.  Years ago, it started happening often enough that people began to notice it.  After that, it became an expected spot for a while.  Now, it may not happen every show but it happens enough to keep the tradition alive.

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