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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-01 10:00:00
In the 4th Quarter conference call, Vince McMahon said the WWE Network would need around a million subscribers in order to break even. How in the world can WWE believe that's an attainable number when Raw only averages 3-4 million viewers airing on free TV, and monthly PPVs usually average somewhere between 150-200,000 buys? They've been whitewashing the Network development to the stockholders for so long that there's going to be egg on a lot of faces if/when they finally give up the ghost on it.

Their research indicates, according to them, that the network's material and PPV offerings would bring in fans that have lapsed from being pro wrestling fans. They believe that fans who wouldn't want to pay for PPVs at $45 a pop would be interesting in a channel at $15 or so a month. Could they end up with egg on their face? Absolutely, but people also said that about Eric Bischoff when WCW launched Nitro. In business, sometimes you have to take the chance and WWE is doing that here. It should be noted that they don't believe they will have a million on the day they launch, but that a million subscribers would be their break-even point after all the expenses they've incurred, etc. It's going to be a long process for them as they've got to clear all the different cable systems and let's face it, there are some major systems that never carried WWE Classics VOD, such as Time-Warner, so the Network isn't going to get complete coverage overnight, if ever. It's going to be a big, long, evolving process for the company. They are basically creating a new hub that will become the center of their business. That doesn't happen in one flip of a switch.

So now that you've reported Vince was irate over the CM Punk Piledriver is there any lasting heat on Punk beyond a finger wag? And if theres heat on Punk is there heat on Cena as well? After all, it takes 2 to tango, as the old saying goes.

No one has told us anyone was reprimanded, just that Vince McMahon was upset about the move being used.

What was the reason for the match between two of WWE's biggest stars John Cena and CM Punk to start around 10:35 eastern time Monday night on Raw instead of much earlier? I assume the match was held w/commercials. Why wasn't it held sooner rather than later?

To pop a big rating after having built to the match over two hours of building to it. It was the main event, so why wouldn't it go on last? Plus, no one in the company could have followed those performances.

Exactly who did Dolph Ziggler piss off, he's supposed to be a legit next world champion but I think he's won only one match in 2013 again Kofi Kingston?

That would be a wonderful question to answer. Ziggler does sometimes get criticized for carrying himself too brash in the locker room, but I honestly believe the way he's booked it more their long-term vision for him than someone putting the thumb to him. After all, if they really wanted to kick him in the groin, they could book someone else to take the briefcase and have AJ paired off with Langston. No, I believe they have a vision and we just don't get it or know where it's going yet.

CM Punk uses the piledriver on John Cena in the main event of RAW? Was this something talked about with the agents beforehand or did Cena and Punk go ahead and do it by themselves? Honestly, it was nice to see the piledriver used after so many years of it being banned.. But, incase the WWE wasn't aware that Punk would pull that off, do you think it will land him in hot water?

It wasn't a planned spot but neither man received any major discipline for it. Don't expect to see the move again, though!

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