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By Jose Perez on 2013-03-01 08:54:26

WWC had their weekly house show/TV taping last Saturday night in Arroyo, PR.  No major news have come out of the show.  However, they have been teasing on their Facebook page that Stacy Colon, daughter of Carlos Colon Sr. will break her silence regarding the situation involving her father and older brother Carlito around the sale/purchase of WWC. 

They have also teased that Invader #1 is ready to take over as “executive director” of the soon to be “CCC – Carlito Caribbean Company”.  We’ll see what they have planned.

This Saturday they return to Catano, PR for their weekly house show and taping.  The following matches have been announced for the show:

-WWC Univeral Title Match:-Ray Gonzalez (c) vs. “Super Fenix”
-WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title Match
-“El Ilegal-Chicano” vs. Samson Walker w/ Orlando Toledo with the winners becoming the #1 contender for the WWC Tag Team Title
-Thunder & Lightning vs. “Bad Man” Andy Levine & “El Leon” Apolo

Also, Carlos Colon Sr. will deliver a message to the fans, and also will have something to say to Invader #1.

They have released the date of their next big event “La Hora de la Verdad” (Moment of Truth), which will be taking place on Saturday March 16th. It is expected that they announce where it will be held and maybe a couple of matches during this weekend’s TV shows.

Last Saturday night something very interesting took place with “El Ilegal-Chicano”, appeared on two shows in the same night. Now, it is not out of the ordinary that these types of situation to happen, as many local wrestlers work with indys around in the island at the same time as they work with WWC.

What makes it interesting is that the first show he appeared on was a boxing event in which he defeated his opponent via KO in the first round. Chicano is now 2-0 as a professional boxer. After his boxing bout, which took place in Catano, PR at around 8:35PM, he went on to appear in WWC’s show later that evening in Arroyo, PR, where he faced Samson Walker.

Another performer that had double duty on Saturday was Savio Vega, who appeared in Cayey, PR at an indy show where he became the RXW Heavyweight champion earlier in the evening, only turn around and also appear at the WWC show later where he faced Ray Gonzalez.

On the World Wrestling League front, they have announced their main event match for their debut event scheduled for Sunday April 21st at 4PM in the “Coliseo de Puerto Rico” in San Juan, PR. “El Mesias” Ricky Banderas will challenge AAA-Mexico’s Mega champion “Texano Jr.” for the title. This match has already sparked a lot of conversation here on the island.

Being a native of Puerto Rico, Banderas has a large fan base in the island and should attract people that would want to see this match. Their first match took place in Mexico this past December as part of the AAA event “Guerra de Titanes” and was a really good match. For those who would like to watch it, here is the link on youtube:



We reported last week that it appeared that the first departure from the WWL had already taken place as original producer Victor “Metal Blade” Siebens was no longer with the company. It appears that this story that we picked up last week is actually true, as “Metal” made it very apparent via postings on his “PRWA Evolution” Facebook page.

Having said this, he is promoting an event called “PRWA: One Night Superstars” on March 16th in Salinas, PR. Announced to appear in this event are: Billy Gunn, X-Pac, Hernandez, Gangrel, “Hurricane” Helms, Escobar, Michael Tarver, along with the PRWA stars.


Finally, here is the aforementioned WWL press release:

WWL Announces Main Event For Their Debut Show
AAA’s Mega Championship to be defended Puerto Rico.

(San Juan P.R. Tuesday February 26, 2013) – WWL President Richard Negrin and Hugo Savinovich, announced today that the top executives of the famous and important wrestling company, AAA of Mexico, approved “Mega Champion”, Texano Jr. to defend his title against former champion Ricky "El Mesias" Banderas, in what is being billed as the "Rematch of the Century". This match will be the main event on April 21 at the “Coliseo de Puerto Rico Jose Miguel Agrelot (Choliseo).”

“El Mesias” stated: "It's a dream for me to challenge the AAA Mega Champion, in my own land, and I will give the fight of my life.” Meanwhile the Mega Champion, Texano Jr. said: "I am not intimidated by the match taking place infront of his people because I confident in my wrestling capacity, and when Puerto Ricans see that I am superior to “El Mesias”, they will cheer for me.” Due to the magnitude and quality of talents, the event will be called “WWL PRESENTS: IDOLS OF WRESTLING” going forward.

For more information, tune in this and every Saturday at 2:00 pm, on Tele Isla, Channel 7 (Puerto Rico), the "Champions of the Ring". Tele Isla can be seen on Dish Network on channel 12, One Link channel 807 (HD), Liberty antenna channel 7 and digital on channel 7.1 in the whole island.

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