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By JC Money on 2013-03-01 08:13:32


Alberto Del Rio beat Damien Sandow.  Again, of course.

Jim Ross is here and will interview Zeb and Swagger later.

Daniel Bryan and Kane have a rematch with the PTP tonight.  This time Bryan has one hand tied behind his back.  Kane is going to be blindfolded.  They are arguing.

Antonio Cesaro beat The Miz 2-1 in a best of three falls match. Miz was not happy.

Randy Orton will face The Big Show later.  Sheamus said he has his back.

JR brought out Swagger and Zeb.  JR talked about their Oklahoma roots and JR recruiting him out of college.  Swagger said OU had no heart.  Ross asked Swagger what happened to him and Zeb stepped up and did an anti immigrant rant.  They said Alberto isn't American and needs to leave.  It led to Swagger taking a swipe at JR, which led to Alberto coming out.  Swagger said JR isn't a real American and left.

Next up was the tag match. Bryan put a goat face on Kane's mask.  The story was that Kane had the win for the team but tagged in Bryan and Bryan then lost.  After the match Kane took off the mask and saw the goat face and hit Bryan.  He then left.

Sin Cara beat Heath Slater (who was with Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre). 

Fandango did a promo saying he is trained in the art of the dance, or something like that.  Matt Striker said his name wrong so he will debut when Striker can say it correctly.

Randy Orton beat The Big Show after The Shield ran in and attacked Orton.  Show didn't want their help and KO'd Roman.  After the match, Sheamus came in and kicked Show.

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