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By Kurt Zamora on 2013-02-26 11:36:59

The place was a legit sell out as WWE personnel had been saying on twitter. I haven't seen the American Airlines Center packed like that in awhile. Crowd was hot but picked & chose their moments. HHH, Ryback, & Cena got the biggest pops, in that order. And although they may not be in the top 3, The Shield is OVER. I saw lots of signs for them & plenty of their shirts were being bought.

Did not seem like the crowd had a preconceived notion Undertaker was gonna be there. No chants or talks about him. Even when they showed the tout of his return in Waco, it did not garner a huge reaction like he'd be there later.

CM Punk & Cena had a phenomenal match. The crowd ate up the last 10 minutes.

They didn't do much between commercial breaks. They randomly showed one of Jack Swagger/Zeb Coulter's Youtube videos, which by the way, his gimmick is very uncomfortable live. That MizTV was hard to watch & it was a very awkward cheer for Del Rio when he spoke.

No dark match main event. Punk hobbled to the back & they wished us good night.

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