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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-25 17:00:27
Dave Prazak's SHIMMER promotion, which has been the top women's wrestling group since its inception a few years ago and helped spawn an entirely new generation of female talents and promotions, officially announced today that they would make their iPPV debut on 4/6 in Secaucus, NJ at Wrestlecon.

SHIMMER has traditionally been a DVD-based promotion, taping several events over the course of one weekend for later DVD release. However, due to the unique nature of the Wrestlecon weekend, they will be making their SHIMMER 53 event live for streaming via

The official lineup features:

*SHIMMER champion Saraya Knight vs. Cheerleader Melissa in a steel cage.

*Ayako Hamada vs. Athena.

*Madison Eagles vs. Jessie McKay.

*Amazing Kong vs. Mia Yim.

*Also scheduled to appear are SHIMMER Tag Team Champions The Canadian Ninjas, Evie, Made in Sin, Rhia O'Reilly, Christina Von Eerie, former WWE Diva Serena Deeb and Mercedes Martinez.

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