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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-25 10:11:39
Extreme Rising released the following promo from ER champion Stevie Richards, which was awesome:

The promo about Raven leads right into the main event of the promotion's first anniversary show on 4/4 in Philadelphia, PA where Richards will defend against his former mentor and partner.

The event will also feature the first-ever American meeting between legends Jushin Liger and Sabu as well as the following:

*Damien 666 & Bestia 666 vs. Super Crazy & Pescadilla.

*Matt Hardy vs. Luke Hawx.

*Papadon vs. Brian XL vs. John Silver vs. Facade vs. Hijo de Rey Misterio, dubbed the "5 Way Throwdown."

*Balls Mahoney vs. Matt Tremont - Philadelphia Street Fight.

*Also scheduled are Rhino, Homicide, BLK Out and more.

The promotion will then have a double shot in Staten Island, NY at the WOW Warehouse featuring all of the same talent (sans Liger) with events featuring free beer (on 4/5) and fans legitimately getting to pick matches and stipulations.

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