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By Andres Santiago on 2013-02-25 08:55:00

WWE NXT Live Event - Melbourne Auditorium, Melbourne Florida – February 24, 2013

Ric Flair and Charlotte Signing
Doors opened at 4:30pm and there was already a big line for the signing, due to VIP ticket holders getting in early. Flair stayed signing autographs and taking pictures until 7:30pm. VIP ticket holders got 2 autographs, while everyone else got 1. One could also purchase a picture with them, taken by one of the NXT staff.

 - Mojo Rawley vs Knuckles Mansen  
Holly won with a butt bump into a Finlay-style seated splash.

 - Jake Carter & Garrett Dylan vs Baron Corbin & Sawyer Fulton  
Carter and Dylan won with a Spinebuster on Corbin by Carter, followed up by a Top Rope Leg Drop from Dylan.

 - Derek Bateman vs Judas Devlin  
Bateman won with the DBD.

 - Brandon Traven vs Mason Ryan  
Ryan won with a Torture Rack.

 - Paige and Sasha Banks vs Summer Rae and Charlotte w/ Ric Flair
Rae and Charlotte won when Paige submitted to a Figure Four from Charlotte.

 - Dante Dash vs Scott Dawson  
Dash won with a running powerslam.

 - Axl Keegan and Aiden English vs Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger  
Ohno and Kruger won with an atomic drop on English by Kruger, followed up by an Ohno rolling elbow.

 - Bray Wyatt vs Corey Graves vs Conor O'Brian  
Conor O'Brian via a big boot on Wyatt, as Wyatt hit a swinging reverse STO on Graves.

 - It was really weird to see Ohno, Kruger and O'Brian all work as babyfaces tonight; seeing as they are 3 of the top heels on the TV show.
 - Mason Ryan showed more personality in this match than he has in his entire WWE career.
 - This is the second time I've seen Charlotte and she looked solid in the ring. Sasha Banks looked good as well.
 - Many of the NXT roster worked the event as security or in concession stands, but didn't wrestle on the show. This included top guys from the TV show like the Wyatt Family, Adrian Neville and Oliver Gray.

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