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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-27 09:59:00

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Do you feel there is heat on Christian for electing to take time off this year? If he's already medically cleared to return, I find it odd that he hasn't been brought back. If he misses this years Wrestlemania, this will make it 3 consecutive Wrestlemanias that he hasn't competed on. Don't you find that strange?

There could be, I can't say for sure.  But part of the reason he took time off for injury reasons is that he wasn't exactly being used well so he didn't have much to lose.  Given the way WWE has booked him, I don't think there is a great spot on Mania waiting for him, which is unfortunate.  He has made a lot of money and saved it, which I respect.  If he feels he deserves to be pushed better (and I would agree with him) and doesn't like how he is being used, I respect that.

Do you see TNA going all out on this year for Bound for Glory in 2013 and possibly having in larger arena such as The Staples Center and match between AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy for the TNA World T? Dixie carter wants 2013 to be big year for TNA in terms of growth. What do you see happening with Impact brand going forward?

Pretty much everyone in every business wants to see growth in their business.  Achieving it is a lot harder.  TNA is doing what they can but growth has been slow.  It would be nice to run a huge building for BFG (though Staples is out since they have a deal with WWE) but putting 3,000 folks in a 19,000 seat arena is a bad move.  It costs more money to run and the empty seats look bad on TV.  So, they would be wiser to run a smaller place that they could fill.  As for the year, I see more of what we saw last year, staying the course and trying to grow revenues.

 In the WWE Hall of Fame we have the Four Horseman (minus Blanchard). There is talk of DX being inducted (minus Chyna). What about the NWO? Its inception in WCW gave us the Monday Night Wars. As a group, should they be inducted, and who would you induct? Obviously Hogan, Nash, and Hall (being the original three members), and Bischoff would seem like logical choices (current standings with TNA and personal issues aside). Any others?

To me, I would induct Hogan, Hall and Nash.  That's it.  They made the angle work and then everyone after that glommed their way in.  But, since Hogan works for TNA and Hall is trying to get his life turned around, I don't see them being inducted any time soon.  They do deserve though, for sure.

I saw a note somewhere that the plan is for Raw to remain at three hours at least until SummerSlam. That implies to me there may be plans to reduce it back to two hours, which would certainly be to the advantage of the show. The spin that both WWE and USA Network put on that would certainly be interesting but have you heard if this is being discussed on an ongoing basis?

All I have heard is that it's all audience related.  Right now, the numbers are really good.  But USA will be happy if they stay in the high three million range since Raw brings in a younger demographic than NCIS.  As long as it stays that way, I see Raw staying at three hours.

After last night's Raw, there is some fear that Mark Henry will have his talents wasted at Wrestlemania in a match with none other than The Great Khali. Does Khali really need to be on the show? How about Henry face Big Show instead? Although Show would have to turn face for that match to happen.

If Henry has to face one of the two, I would prefer it be Big Show.  Khali is a comedy guy.  Henry isn't.  So they don't work together for me.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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