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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-25 09:59:00

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I don't understand what WWE thinks.  They says they are the biggest wrestling entertainment company in the world and I go with it.  They are but can't they find a charismatic and powerful superstar from a country having more than 1,000,000,000 in population, India.  They have signed up Jinder Mahal And The Great Khali but they are not shown as a powerful superstar.  They mostly get losses or get invaluable victories.  Why don't they just fire them instead of disrespecting my country?  Ya that is disrespect for my country that my country people go there only to lose.

 Well, WWE doesn't exactly book everyone well so I don't think it's something specific to India.  They have Khali because of his nationality, for sure.  I think if/when they get a stronger foothold in your country, they will book an Indian wrestler stronger.  They tend to follow the dollars.  When they see a real chance to make more in India, they will react.

I did have a quick question on the general perception of wrestling. Do you think there are those who still believe wrestling is real or that there is a perception that the characters themselves are real? I ask that, because it seems like the WWE always has to tell the press or advocacy groups that they are a scripted show while defending their actions for creating stories for characters like Jack Swagger. It seems ridiculous to me that soap operas and TV shows can have terrorists, anti-American messaging, racists, scantily clad women, etc., but when the WWE does it, people seem to take greater offense to it. The fact that people still report angles like Vince McMahon's death as if they are real, makes me believe there is a rather large group of people out there who didn't get the memo that wrestling storylines are not real.

I don't think it's that said outlets think it's real.  I think they see an opportunity to sensationalize something and that kind of stuff is more appealing to them then dealing in truth.

I was just curious on what a typical WWE wrestler would make in a year. I'm not talking about Cena, Punk, or Rock. But say for example Darren Young, would he expect to make 6 figures?

Yeah, he can.  Between his downside and bonuses pretty much all of the male workers can at least count on getting six figures.

Is it just me or does it take away from the whole suspension of disbelief thing to hear the guys on press junkets refer to an angle they're involved in as "a storyline" when addressing the media, a bit like Zeb did with the Glen Beck video recently? Isn't there another way to sell the product than to tell people that you're a character... as you're in character!? I mean, even actors always try to blur the line between reality and fiction by mentioning how certain filming days affected them or how they drew from real life to make a role work. Everyone the business is a work, but it's profitable because it relies on people seeing as real? Why go against that? Whenever I'm eating a steak with mash potatoes, I can either tell you I am and leave it at that or eat one in front of you and open my mouth periodically to show you the product being masticated: it's a bit of an overkill, is what I'm saying. Thoughts?

I don't have a problem with it in press junkets.  I do have a problem with it in the course of the show, but if a guy is asked about his past in the press, I don't expect him to talk about his character's.  If he is asked in character and that is the tone of the interview, and he wants to stay in character, fine.  But if real questions are asked and the guys want to admit that they are playing a character in a show, I don't have a problem with it it at all.

If you had your choice would you prefer to see the top 3 matches that are currently planned/rumored for mania. Or would you rather see the triple threat with Punk involved, and Taker-Lesnar as the semi main event. And in addition maybe have Triple H put over one of the heels like Ziggler or Cesaro. WWE can still go with the second option before Mondays Raw.

I definitely would like to see Punk added to the WWE Title match. I have been advocating it for a while now.  I am fine with Lesnar vs. HHH since that is set up and they are both part timers.  Let's be real here, H is not coming back to put over a mid card guy.  As for Taker, Randy Orton teased a match with him on his Twitter over the weekend.  I am all for moving Punk and letting Orton take his legend killer gimmick into a match with Taker.

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