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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-24 09:59:00

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This is more of a request than a question. This only applies to those who do this. Can we stop trying to impress and/or let everyone know how "smart" you are. When you ask a question about Molly Holly why do you feel the need to include her real name (in parentheses)? We know who you are talking about. we also don't think "wow, this guy knows his stuff". Also cut out the "WWF/WWE" crap. Do you really think if u said "Randy Savage is a former WWE champ" that we wouldn't know what u meant? Ok, I guess there was questions in here too. Love the site.

I don't have a problem with the WWF/E stuff since things occurred when the company had different names.  I am with you on the real name thing.  It isn't important to me.  We knew of the people under the work names, so that is what we choose to use.

Do you have an app for Kindle? I haven't been able to find one if you do....... but I'm technology challenged so figured I'd come straight to the source to find out for sure.

At this point in time, no we don't.  Unfortunately we can't monetize it and we need to monetize our delivery in order to keep the site healthy.

I already know the response I'm going to get for this but anyway. It seems to me that anytime WWE does something edgy most people can't handle it. Jerry Lawler's heart attack angle with Heyman, everyone bitched. It was obviously something Lawler agreed to, because he's knows the business. Did you expect anything else. Now Zeb Colter, same thing happening. It's like they give something with some attitude and they can't handle it. In life there are people who mock other people for having "issues". There are racists in this world. In the soap opera of WWE, the bad guys eventually get what they deserve that why we tune in every week. Sorry to sound like a WWE rep here, but don't beg for something and then bitch because you can't handle it. It seems that people are content to boo John Cena, if he ever did go heel, people would moan and what him changed back, guaranteed. Rant Over.

You are confusing attitude with uncomfortable in my opinion.  You are confusing good writing with cheap heat.  To many, cheap heat his no place in the business.  To many people, wrestling should be the sports page of life, not the front page.  Those people look to wrestling as an escape.

Don't you think its ridiculous that people actually think Stone Cold will wrestle again. He hasn't had a match in close to ten years and if the Rock looked bad his first few matches back after not wrestling for 7 years what makes people think SCSA would be able to give 100%.

No, I don't think it is ridiculous.  I think if he committed to it and dedicated himself to it, he could have a good match or better.  But, he would have to commit himself.  I think the odds are less than 50% that he will choose to do it though.

Jack Swagger, what a dummy. His first run with WWE was a failure. He comes back with the opportunity of his life and he does something stupid. Personally, I am not a fan. Sure he is a very good wrestler. But, he lacks charisma. Dutch Mantel has more charisma in his pinky than Jack Swagger has in his entire body. The only good thing about his comeback was he dropped the pushup when he came down the ramp. That only works for Scott Steiner. Will Jack be pushed down the ladder now that he was arrested? Imo, he didn't deserve that spot in the first place.

Given the reaction that WWE has gotten from Fox News, Glenn Beck, etc. it appears that Swagger will luck out and continue to get pushed, at least for now.  WWE loves that kind of pub and I don't see them dropping Swagger now that they are getting it.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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