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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-23 10:00:00
Is Swagger being arrested for a marijuana related DUI and marijuana possession a violation of WWE's wellness policy? Shouldnt he be suspended? Back when RVD was arrested for being caught with illegal substances that violated the policy he was suspended. So Swagger should be on his way to a 30 day vacation courtesy of WWE right? and in the process losing his prime spot at wrestlemani wrestling for the world title, right? If Swagger's out, who should take his place against ADR?

WWE could conceivably suspend Swagger. If they do, the best choice to replace him would be Mark Henry or Dolph Ziggler. Given how hard WWE has pushed the Glenn Beck deal, my gut is Swagger will be working Mania.

I admit I'm old and tragically unhip so maybe this is a dumb question, but what the heck does "U Can't C Me" mean? Cena has been saying it for years and I have no idea what it means!

It's urban slang for claiming you are Untouchable by your foes.

Hi. First off, LOVE THE SITE!!! I've been following you guys for a little while now and I stay very informed, Thanks!!! Now, on to my question: Why is it that when the WWE comes to Louisiana (namely LAFAYETTE), they always refer to it as "Cajun Country"?? Every other city they visit gets the proper respect but for some reason they "assume" that everyone here is "Cajun"!! What gives?? (Side note: I saw the first few lines of the Raw Recap on the Latest News side and I saw where someone wrote Micheal "Why aren't we telling people where we are broadcasting from?" Cole)

WWE tries to maximize the idea that they are always broadcasting from some major market. By saying "Cajun County", the inference is they are in New Orleans to the average viewer. It's one of the things WWE does to make themselves seem big time that never really resonates with anyone except those who made the decision to say it.

When Molly Holly (Nora Greenwald) had her head shaved after being defeated by Victoria at Wrestlemania 20 do you think they should have allowed her to wrestle bald instead of wearing those idiotic wigs?

Nope. The more idiotic wigs the better. It was meant to be a comedy deal so they should have played it up to the hilt.

What is your opinion on The Blossom Twins? Do you see them eventually being signed by TNA? I personally think they're amazing.

As workers, they are OK. I bet they are already signed, given that TNA is selling Blossom Twins t-shirts!

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