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By Morris Pontis on 2013-02-23 08:22:43
Attendance approx: 1,000? Refs were the Hebners. So Cal Val hosted

*Joseph Park beat Robbie E.

*Devon beat Magnus with the help of a masked Aces and Eights member (D-Lo).

*Velvet Sky & ODB beat Gail Kim & Tara.

*James Storm beat Austin Aries. There was an Aries promo before the match, which was great playing off Detroit Lions player Kyle Vandenbosh who was at ringside.

*Kurt Angle beat Ken Anderson. Devon, the Masked Aces & Eights (D-Lo) and Magnus all got involved.

*TNA champion Jeff Hardy beat Robert Roode in a steel cage by pinfall. Understandably Jeff Hardy cannot bump like he once did, nor should he. It took longer to set up the cage then the match was. After the entrances, bell to bell I'd say the match was about 10 minutes. One spot on the top of the cage, plenty of punching.

It was an interesting venue as this is a classic concert venue with an ornate ceiling and chandeliers. The ring was set up on the stage with a few seats on either side.

This is the third time I have seen a TNA house show and i just don't understand what people are talking about when they say they have great house shows. One of the others was at Cyclone Stadium in Brooklyn at what was at the that point their biggest house to date.

Every time, the matches are short and the show just does not excite. This is not to say the people aren't working hard, but something is missing. What isn't missing is the up-sell of getting pictures, backstage passes and autographs.

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