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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-22 14:19:03
One of the reasons TNA executives were in California this week was pursuit of a new a potential videogame deal. One source familiar with the videogame industry noted Dixie Carter and Jason Hervey met with Activision earlier this week.

Several readers sent word that TNA announced they were looking for new staff in the publicity department. In asking around, we were told that Chris Thomas, who had been a jack of all trades for the company's PR department for many years has departed the company for a job in Hollywood. Thomas was well known as one of the hardest working office staff for the company and was probably the only PR person I've ever dealt with who never caught an attitude with me when I was critical of the company he was employed for. As someone who's worked for years in wrestling and worked with lots of PR companies before I began writing full-time, I can tell you that Thomas was a very rare bird in that regard. TNA will really be missing him.

Here is this week's TNA Impact Wrestling Post Game:

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