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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-23 11:00:00
PWInsiderTV returns with two new updates:

Anthony Nese the "Premiere Athlete" discusses his return to TNA for their upcoming X-Division PPV, his decision to leave the company in order to wrestle Great Muta on an iPPV, whether he ever regretted the decision, the pressure of training under former ECW World champion Mikey Whipwreck, NYWC's Psycho Circus, how he first got into the business, NYWC as a training ground, goals, Japan, his timing in the ring and much more!

Two of the talents have named as "one to watch" in 2013 are actually a tag team - The Slop Hunters! Meet Alex Reynolds and John Silver, interviewed just minutes after they earned a spot on the Extreme Rising roster, discussing their influences, training in NYWC in Long Island, goals, their team and much more! We'll be catching up with them over the course of 2013 as we follow their careers on the independent scene!

The Young Bucks join PWInsiderTV to discuss their decisions to walk out on national TV companies, whether there is any chance of a TNA return, their work as a tag team, what most fans don't know about their work, communicating in the ring, the spot monkey distinction, their side of the story they were disrespectful to talents in the locker room, how that hurt their WWE tryouts, whether they ever spoke to Booker T or Rob Van Dam about the claims and much, much more! A great talk with one of the best tag teams on the scene right now!

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