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By Jose Perez on 2013-02-21 09:55:00
World Wrestling Council (WWC-PR) held their weekly house show / TV taping last Saturday night in Bayamon, PR. Here are the results from the card:

- Jay Velez defeated El Coronel.
- Zcion 101 defeated Barrabas Jr.
- “Diabolico” retained the WWC Jr Heavyweight title after defeating AJ Castillo.
- Chris Angel was scheduled to have a match with Savio Vega, but Angel came out and stated that he had been hurt for a few weeks now and his doctor had not cleared him to compete. Instead Vega would be facing Sebastian Guerra. Savio Vega defeated Guerra after applying the “pain killer” sidekick.
- “Super Fenix” defeated “Mr. Ray-tings” Ray Gonzalez after interference from Savio Vega, who hit Gonzalez with his bat. After the match, Vega and “Super Fenix” shook hands and left together.
- Out comes “La Familia Cool” to the ring – Apollo, Barrabas Sr, Savio Vega, “Super Fenix”, Andy Levine, Samson Walker and Orlando Toledo. Vega speaks briefly to the crowd, and then introduces the person he called “Carlito’s right hand”, none other than Invader #1. Invader stated that he was already sick and tired of telling everyone to “Say No To Drugs” and do the right thing, only to continue to see that people do whatever they want… just like Carlos Colon and Victor Jovica, people don’t want to listen. Well, he is tired of being stepped on by Colon and Jovica and he has decided to make things happen and the person that can make things happen and change is Carlito…
- “El Ilegal-Chicano” defeated “El Leon” Apollo, retaining the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight title.
- Thunder & Lightning defeated “The Bad Man” Andy Levine and Samson Walker w/ Orlando Toledo.

They had another good crowd in attendance which is great to see. WWC has been doing a decent job maintaining people interested in their product, but still has room to deliver even more.

The main story, Carlito buying the company from his father and Jovica, can still be taken in many different directions, which is something they haven’t had in a very long time. If this storyline continues to be worked slowly and they let it build steam, it can take them all the way up to the “Aniversario 2013” this summer.

As I have mentioned, this year marks 40 years of WWC establishing in Puerto Rico and they will be doing a big show to celebrate it.

This weekend’s house show will be in Arroyo, PR. They have announced the following matches:

- Ray González vs. Savio Vega
- Chicano vs. Apolo
- Chris Angel vs. El Súper Fénix
- Also in action: Thunder & Lightning, Andy Leavine, Xix Xavant, Sebastián Guerra, “El Diabólico”, Barrabás, Jr., Jay Vélez and others.

On the World Wrestling League (WWL) front, this past weekend they announced the when and where they will have their first live event. The date is April 21st and the place, the best arena they could find, “Coliseo de Puerto Rico” in San Juan, PR.

The company sent out a press release making a ton of announcements regarding talent that will be taking part of this show in April, including “El Mesias” Ricky Banderas, Steve Corino, former WWE Diva Ivelisse Velez, Colt Cabana, TNA’s Christopher Daniels and more.

The show is taking shape slowly, but it seems to be coming together and promises to be very interesting and entertaining. There are still more announcements to come in the days and weeks to come as we get closer to the debut date.

Speaking about WWL, it seems that there has been some turmoil building internally and it may have already claimed its first casualty. In talking with sources close to the situation, it appears that Victor Siebens a.k.a. “Metal Blade” is no longer part of the equation at the top of the company.

There seems to have been some tension created by the fact that “Metal” is going to be using some talent on a show that he is producing for his own company, PRWA, when said names had been announced for the same weekend March for the debut show of the WWL. The talents that “Metal” has announced as appearing on his show are: X-Pac, Billy Gun, Gangrel, Hurricane Helms and Michael Tarver. The show, titled “PRWA: One Night Superstars”, has been announced as taking place in Salinas, PR on Saturday March 16th. This was one of the dates that WWL had talked about originally although never officially confirmed. We will definitely have more information on what has happened in this situation in next few days.

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