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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-21 10:03:30
Some more Wrestlecon signing updates.

Legends of the Ring announced today that an afternoon signing session has been added for Hulk Hogan on Saturday 4/6. There will be 100 combination tickets on sale this Saturday AM, allowing fans a signed photos and photo with Hogan. These will sell out almost immediately, so if you want them, be ready.

Meanwhile, Extreme Rising announced today that they would be bringing in Sabu for a rare signing with a special package featuring a photo with Sabu, a personalized signed 8x10, an additional signed item, a Sabu t-shirt, a signed copy of Rising's Sabu DVD and an Extreme Rising DVD of your choice for $99 with only 200 packages available.

The packed Wrestlecon weekend will be the largest wrestling convention gathering ever over Wrestlemania weekend with dozens of guests and nine live wrestling events taking place over three days.

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