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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-21 10:00:00
OK, so Undertaker may not work this year. CM Punk is screwed and without an opponent. I say book Steve Austin vs. Punk - what are the chances of this happening?

I'd say close to nill. Austin has been very busy acting and the knee surgery he had late last year wasn't going to allow him to do any sort of training needed to wrestle. Plus, I don't see Austin returning for anything short of a main event match and we've got Brock Lesnar and The Rock already slotted for top matches. Austin is the top star of all time and isn't coming back to be third from the top. I love your Punk vs. Austin bout, but if that match ever does happen, I suspect it will headline Mania 30 or never ever happen. By then, Austin will be 48 or 49 and I don't see him coming back at age 50.

Has WWE ever fired anyone for a DUI?

I am sure the issue comes into the discussion when someone is fired but considering Ted DiBiase, Cameron, Alex Riley, Bo Dallas, etc. are all still with the company after being arrested for past DUIs, I don't think we'll see that anytime soon, especially since given their relatively low stature on the card, they could easily have been dropped without any major ripple effects on company plans.

Mike once wrote that the CM Punk documentary was the best WWE ever produced. I was curious which he was most let down by.

I wouldn't say let down but I feel the company really missed the boat on their Brian Pillman documentary, especially the Loose Cannon era. There were a lot of things Brian was doing at the time, including manipulating the Internet fans, that never got touched upon. This will never probably happen, but I'd love to see the potential WWE Network go back and do a deeper examination of his life and career.

Tommy Dreamer returns to WWE, wins, gets beat up by The Shield and is never seen again. Why?

To get over the Shield by having them put a beating on a Philly favorite in Philly. There was talk of Dreamer working the Rumble, but it never came to pass. I have to think Dreamer appearing on TNA for an episode probably didn't make WWE thrilled either.

I read this website and think you people are idiots. All you do is mock wrestling, expose storylines and complain, complain, complain. I don't understand why you continue to watch something you hate. Why do you waste your time on wrestling? Why don't you go write about volleyball or something? I hate you!

I read your question and you obviously think we are idiots. All your letter did was mock us for writing about wrestling, for breaking storyline news and well, all you did was complain, complain, complain. I don't understand why you continue to read something you hate? Why do you waste your time on PWInsider? Why don't you go read about volleyball or something? I hate pessimists!

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