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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-20 16:59:08

In an interesting interview with Memphis' WMC Jerry Lawler talked about his heart attack, which occurred live at Raw, and his potential return to the wrestling ring.

Lawler stated that his heart stopped for 20 minutes after the heart attack and he had to be shocked back to life.  He credits the medical team being on-site for him being alive.

He said he hasn't felt any after affects at all from it.  The two worst things are him not being able to eat fried chicken the way he used to and also that he has not been cleared to wrestle.

He said he showed no signs of problems before the attack and noted that heart disease runs in his family.

He added that while he never worked out or exercised before the attack, he is doing so now. 

He wants to return to the ring and notes that his girlfriend has told him that he has been depressed since he hasn't been able to wrestle.  On of the reasons he can't work is that he is taking blood thinners (which is standard procedure after a heart attack) and can't risk being cut.  He is waiting to get to the point where he is cleared by WWE doctors to work matches again.


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