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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-20 13:15:30

CM Punk noted on his Twitter account that the flight to Qatar for tomorrow's show was 14 hours long.  There is another reason I could never be a wrestler.   4 hours in a plane is too long for me.

The Rock did an interview with to promote "Snitch".  In it, he talked about working with the great Michael K. Williams (who played the awesome Omar Little on "The Wire" and plays Chalky White on "Boardwalk Empire").  About working with John Cena at WrestleMania 29 he said, "We all have a plan. The idea of doing a 'Rock vs. John Cena Part 2' is intriguing and exciting to a lot of fans. And it's intriguing and exciting to us too! So now the key is how do we execute the build-up? How do we present situations that are intriguing and entertaining to fans every week?  WrestleMania in New York at Giants Stadium is already sold out. It's going to be the biggest of all time, it's why I came back. To be honest, it was why I went back three years ago; this has been a very long strategic three-year plan with all of us involved, that's going to culminate at WrestleMania. There is no greater opponent right now for me than John, and I look forward to it."  You can read the whole interview by clicking here.

Paul Jordan sent this item. ... ESPN has an article discussing the next WWE videogame with the new publishers Take Two interactive who have announced the game will fall under the 2K Sports games franchise with the name "WWE 2K14" and will be a collaboration between Yukes, the former THQ fight team and 2K sports game designers and is still on track to be released this fall. To read the whole thing click here.

Also, Syfy has posted the first official episode of Robot Combat League on their website. The series which is hosted by Chris Jericho is set to premiere next Tuesday at 10 PM Eastern.  You can see it by clicking here.

Devin Cutting reporting.

Thrasher from The Headbangers will be hosting a seminar at the Monster Factory in Paulsboro, New Jersey on March 23rd, 2013 from 2 to 6 PM. The participation fee is $25. Go to

NXT will be holding TV tapings at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida on these dates:

February 21st, 2013
March 14th, 2013
April 11th, 2013
May 2nd, 2013
June 20th, 2013
July 11th, 2013
August 1st, 2013
August 22nd, 2013

Go to for more details & for information about future events.

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