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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-19 09:59:00

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Can you give me a give reason why the Prime Time Players or the Usos haven't become the tag team champs yet? I mean PTP is probably the most charismatic team since Beer Money, and the Usos are probably the most cohesive. Any idea why?

That is simple, WWE sees no value in tag teams.  They prefer to put individuals together and allow them to win the titles.  It's ridiculous in my opinion, but that is why they do it.

Is it me or did CM Punk completely carry the elimination chamber match? Did I miss the in-ring psychology? Please correct me if I am wrong and if I’m not I completely tip my hat to Punk for doing that.

Punk was booked very strongly and did a great job in the match.  The story was he was every bit as good as Rock and actually had the match won.  I tip my hat to him for his work and Rock for being selfless in how the match was booked.  There are a lot of other top guys through the years that would have never given that much.

I read the comment about WWE "Sinking Low" for Jack Swagger's new character, I would argue that a "Racist" Heel is progressive for WWE. Usually it's the babyfaces who are racist, homophobic and bullies. I'm pretty sure Del Rio hasn't changed characters, just opponents. We used to be told to dislike Del Rio BECAUSE he was Mexican (essentially) I think this a a good move for WWE. I would argue that the "Canadian" Jindar Mahal being billed from Punjab India and wearing a turban is more low than Jack Swagger. Or that Kofi Kingston's original "Jamaica" (accent and all) billing was WAY worse.

Alberto was booked as a rich guy that rubbed our noses in it.  He just happened to be Mexican.  When Zeb said on Raw last week that he didn't like seeing people that didn't look like him, that was pretty racist.  So, you and I disagree.  The problem, as I see it, as that I just don't like seeing polarizing real life issues come into what is supposed to be the toy department of life.  People watch wrestling as an escapist form of entertainment.  I want it to stay that way.

So, Jack Swagger wins the Elimination Chamber match. Definitely not expected. He is a good wrestler, but except for the last month, his stint with WWE has been a joke. He should have gotten a slammy for jobber of the year. If he had 6months of build up as an unbeatable All American, his win would be more palatable. His win does not exactly push me to want to order Wrestlemania this year. Just the opposite. This years Wrestlemania card is shaping up to be very lackluster. How smart was it to have Swagger win.

Swagger definitely came out of nowhere with the win and that aspect hurt it.  It seems to me that they are doing the match so that we can hear racist comments from him and Zeb for the next six weeks, only to have Alberto vanquish him at Mania.  In essence, it seems like Swagger is being used for a one time purpose here to me.  With that said, they should have a really good match as they both work hard.  As for whether that one match will keep you from ordering Mania, if you are basing your decision on that one then you probably aren't seriously considering buying the show anyway.

Do you believe that with John Cena set to reportedly win the WWE championship at Wrestlemania XXIX that we will not see the new WWE championship or is there an outside chance after Elimination Chamber it debuts?

Call it a hunch.  I will say yes.

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