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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-17 17:04:47

Welcome everyone to my blog for tonight's PPV. Our announce team is Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler. I hope we get the good version of JBL. ... The show is opening up with the World Heavyweight Title match. Hmm, that plays into the "Dolph Ziggler will cash in his MITB briefcase at the end of this match" theory. If he does get jobbed out of the title, will he somehow find his way into the Chamber match later?  

Early on, they are going back and forth. Alberto has the fans doing the "Si" chant. It would be cool if WWE could get them to do the "Ole" chant you hear at other sporting events. Anyway, point is that the fans are into ADR. By the time I finished typing that, Show has taken control.

Show gets a two after a splash from the second row. He totally protected him, which ADR no doubt appreciates. ... ADR locks on his submission, but Show makes it to the ropes and has ADR in a bearhug for a while. Show went for a power bomb but ADR turned it into a rana! He then blasted Show out on the floor. Show managed to get back into the ring at 9! ADR hits a senton but only gets a two.  

Show comes back with a chokeslam but ADR kicks out at two. The fans pop big time. Show loaded up for the big punch but ADR rolled out of the right. He somehow managed to hit a DDT but only got two. If Ziggler is going to cash in, they have to have ADR win and then Show decimate him. ... ADR hit the big kick for another two.

ADR locks in the armbreaker in the middle of the ring. Show is trying to break it. And he does, but standing up and dumping ADR on his back. It's hard to beat giant strength! ... Giant was going to Punch ADR when Ricardo got on the ring. Show trashed him. ADR used this to tru for the enzigiri but slipped and missed. He immediately did it again, which made it OK. Then he killed Show with another one and locked on the armbreaker in the middle of the ring. He still hasn't pinned Show but he made his ass tap! Really good opener. ADR has been great since turning. Now, will we see Dolph?

ADR is preening to the crowd. Show rolled out of the ring. Looks like ADR is safe and going to WrestleMania! If this holds, it is totally the right call. ADR is getting over as a face champ. It would be stupid to stunt his momentum.

On a side note, thanks to everyone that told me I had the wrong title on this sucker!  

We get a plug for Rock's GI Joe movie. With all of those suckers he has coming out, it's understandable that Rock is putting himself on TV in front of their audience every week. ... We have costars from GI Joe. The woman has a cousin that is an indy worker.

Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro for the US Title is next. The reaired the cool Giant Swing spot from Monday. That sucker was awesome. ... They are selling that Miz got hurt on Monday from the spot, which is allowing AC to work him over and Miz to make occasional short-lived comebacks. ... They are selling AC's strength, which is how you get someone over. Plus, they are having AC attack his weakness. What a concept (and by that I mean a tried and true one). ... Miz just came back with a boot to the face and is now in control.

Well, that didn't last long. AC turned it around and is wrenching the injured arm. But Miz battles back and dumps AC on the floor. Miz reverses AC down there and tries to post him. AC hits his knee on the steps instead. They are both "injured" now. ... Back in the ring Miz gets a two with a DDT.

The finish came suddenly when Miz accidentally low-blowed AC. Miz was pissed at the call so he low blowed AC for real. The match was solid while it was going on. The finish was crappy but it was obviously done to keep the feud going.

Kane and Daniel Bryan are in the back. Bryan asks Kane why he is grumpy. Kane says in 15 years he has never main evented Mania and he wants to this year. Again, WHAT A CONCEPT (and by that I mean a good one). Bryan says he gets that and he said it may come down to them but before that let's watch each other's back. Kane hugs him and says yes, you watch my back and I will watch my back. Not what Bryan wanted.    

The Chamber is coming down and the match for the number one contender for the World Title is next. Time for a video on the Chamber, which is a cool structure. I am psyched for this.  

Out first is Real American Jack Swagger, with manager Archie Bunker, er Zeb Coulter. Swagger is talking. When he holds the mic, he holds the power. He uses it to speak the truth. He is introducing the great American, Zeb Bunker. Zeb says that New Orleans is a den of inequity. He remembers Thomas Jefferson and The Louisiana Purchase. Jefferson would be sick about what has happened to the state and the country. He didn't go to Viet Nam for a year to have people cross our borders and ask for handouts. So, we will make things right when Swagger wins tonight. God, please don't have him vs. ADR. I don't want six weeks of blatant racism.

Kane is next and gives us a speech about his Libertarian beliefs. I kid. He just went into the pod. Mark Henry is next. Somebody's Gonna Get Their Ass Kicked. I hope he wins, then ADR can be the Giant Killer. ... The Viper is next, which means it's Y2J and Daniel Bryan to start the match. Great choice!

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