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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-17 09:59:00

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With Ricardo Rodriguez, Paul Heyman, and now Zeb Colter, are we seeing a permanent return of the manager role in WWE? And if so is that all based on Triple H's influence on the product?

And AJ.  And Vickie Guerrero.  Yes, there has definitely been a bit of a resurgence but you also have to consider that Ricardo isn't really a manager.  Heyman was needed due to Brock Lesnar not being on TV all the time and needing to be kept alive in stories.  Zeb is different though.  They realize Jack Swagger's weakness is in his promos and they are helping him.  I am not sure who is behind it but it's a good call on their part, even if they are going low brow with Zeb's message.

After reading about Bruno Sammartino's many appearances in Madison Square Garden I got curious about how many times Hulk Hogan appeared there during his 84-92 run with the WWF. After researching the great website I was quite surprised to find out that he was more often not on the Garden shows in this period than on. Why is that? Was he a poor draw in the Garden?

Not at all!  When Bruno was champion, the WWWF toured the Northeast.  When Hogan became champion the company went national.  They ran shows in different markets, much like they do now.  Hogan was used as the draw in the newer markets since New York was already established.

How do you feel on Brock Lesnar. Is he really worth the contract and money he was and is being given for such a limited schedule?

Brock was one of the rare few that had leverage on Vince McMahon.  So, he made the most of it.  I think it's a good deal for WWE and Brock has been worth bringing in.  The company is sorely lacking in top names and draws and he gives them one.  I would have made the deal and extended it if I were Vince McMahon.

Who will likely turn out to be leader of Aces and Eights? My #1guess is Eric Bischoff. And that would suck. Number 2 guess is Jeff Jarrett.

Honestly, at this point if it's anyone other than Bully Ray it will suck.  The storyline has to be Bully sucked the Hogans in.  Him being the leader makes sense.  Bischoff and Jarrett would be a shock for a second, then it would be like "huh?" to me after that. 

What are the chance Sting turns out to be leader of Aces and Eights? That would be unexpected and flip the script. But, I just don't see Sting be leader of a band of mid-carders.

That would suck worse than Bischoff or Jarrett in my opinion.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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