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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-16 10:00:00
Note: Several readers sent word that yesterday's question about a title belt on Smackdown in 2005 was actually in reference to Teddy Long carrying a bag for a new Smackdown title that never actually debuted since the tournament for the belt actually turned into a tourney for the top contender to the World title, which then moved to the Smackdown brand. So, the answer is that there was never any new Smackdown belt, since the Batista move was always planned.

Whatever happened to former WCW star Billy Kidman?

Kidman works as a trainer for WWE developmental and has also worked backstage in a production capacity timing TV shows.

At one point during the match between Austin Aires and Bobby Roode both men ended up on the top turnbuckle. They remained up there for more than ten seconds. Shouldn't they have been disqualified? I realize the possibility was not likely but why have the referee flail his arms like a windmill and start a count when the call for disqualification will simply not materialize? Why not just have the referee do nothing and wait until something happens?

Because the referee needs to allow them to set up whatever the spot is.

So now that Bruno Sammartino is going into the Hall of Fame with Mich Foley, Trish Stratus, and Bob Backlund, all four could've headlined the event. Could you see WWE asking one of them to wait a year and headline next years event. And what other wrestlers could you see headlining in the next couple years?

WWE isn't going to ask one of them to wait a year. There's lots of names that can headline in the years to come - The Rock, Ultimate Warrior, Triple H, Undertaker, CM Punk, Lou Thesz, etc.

Are Randy Orton's days as a main eventer in WWE over?

I don't think so. He's always going to be at that level.

Where can I find the Nigel McGuinness documentary?

You can find full details on the film, which is awesome, at

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