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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-14 11:51:29
A quick note: Despite widespread media reports claiming that Take Two has acquired the license for the WWE videogame, that is not factually accurate. There is a bankruptcy court hearing set for 2/19 as THQ has the court's permission to allow them to sever their contractual ties with WWE and Japanese developer Yukes. If the court agrees, WWE and Yukes will begin to work with Takes Two for WWE '14 and so on, but until the court signs off, it's all just talk. Obviously, WWE wants the deal done, but there's a reason they haven't issued any official announcements yet - it's not a done deal.

WWE began using new state of the art HD cameras on this past Monday's Raw, part of a planned upgrade going into Wrestlemania.

All of the G.I. Joe movie action figures showcased at the International Toy Fair were branded around The Rock, who joined the film franchise's cast as Roadblock in G.I. Joe - Retribution.

Chris Jericho discussed his return to WWE, his new SyFy series and more with the Miami Herald at this link. He claimed in the interview that he was added to the Elimination Chamber because Rey Mysterio was "hurt."

Singer and actor Kris Kristofferson was backstage at WWE NXT in Orlando, FL last night as his son is under a developmental contract under the ring name Garrett Dylan. Dylan originally trained in California.

This week's WWE Inbox featured talents discussing who would most likely succeed or die in a horror movie:

R-Truth has released a "Little Jimmy" song and music video:

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