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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-13 15:30:38
The French wrestling comedy "Les Reines du ring" (Queen of the Ring) had one of its first screenings earlier this week in Germany at the European Film Market (EFM), an annual international film trade event. The comedy centers around a woman who has just gotten out of prison after 5 years and decides to become a pro wrestler a in order to help build a relationship with her son, who has become enamored with wrestling. The woman works in a supermarket, so several of her other female co-workers decide to train with her. The film features appearances from WWE talents CM Punk and The Miz as well as former Divas champion Eve Torres. The WWE talents are in the film for cameos and there are a lot of WWE-related materials featured over the course of the film, which climaxes at a "gala event" which is actually the Raw staging repurposed. WWE Studios partnered with the producers and holds the first rights for the film's distribution here in the United States. I am told that for the French audience, it will be seen as a mainstream straightforward comedy, but it likely won't receive a major pick-up here as it would need to be subtitled. I was told the film is a decent comedy for that market.

Over the weekend as well, a short film on former wrestler Rocky Jones, who worked in a number of territories including the WWWF, Florida, Los Angeles and more as Mike Masters, was screened in NYC in advance of it being taken around to different festivals and markets. The 41 minute film focuses on Jones turning down a job with WWF in 1988 that would have taken him on the road full time just as his daughter was about to be born and what that led to, including training a number of wrestlers who appear in the film, including former WWE star Little Guido and 90s Northeast independent talent Kodiak Bear. The film touches on Jones' family, his work as a bail bondsman and his work within the fitness world, among other topics.

After the screening, Jones and Guido joined us on PWInsiderTV, discussing the film, Jones' decision in 1988 to leave the business full-time for his family. training Guido, why he knew Guido would make it, why so many talents don't exit pro wrestling well, the night Guido shattered his jaw, what Jones hopes people take from the film and lots more:

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